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Different Types of GPS Locators to Track Your Child

Abhijit Naik Sep 26, 2018
Today, the safety of children has become more crucial for parents. No wonder the GPS locators that help track and monitor children have become popular.

The Accuracy Factor

When buying a GPS tracking device to track your child, its accuracy is one of the most important features you need to look for.
The advent of Global Positioning System (GPS) has made it possible to track a GPS-enabled device and, in turn, the person using this device, anywhere in the world. This system uses 24 satellites that are orbiting the planet to facilitate the tracking process.
Taking into account the ease with which it is possible to track the whereabouts of an individual using this system, it shouldn't really come as a surprise that it has become quite popular among parents. Now, parents can sit at home and monitor their children. It is perhaps the best example of advanced technology making our life simple.

GPS Locators to Track Your Child

GPS child locators are usually GPS-enabled devices which can help parents track and protect their children when they are out for some school activities, or when they go out of sight in overcrowded places. These locators range from wrist watches and wristbands to devices with small GPS tracking chip within, which can be easily concealed in their accessories.

GPS-enabled Watches

A GPS watch with child locator resembles a normal watch, but has an in-built GPS receiver which can be tracked with a handheld tracking device or on the personal computer. Some watches feature a panic button, which, when pressed, alerts parents and authorities.
The hereO GPS watch, which is by far the best watch for kids in the market today, comes with Panic feature, which can be triggered easily in an emergency. It is waterproof and has battery life up to 48 hours. It also has automated low battery alerts to the parent’s smartphone and is compatible with iOS and android. It's an ideal device for school children.

Popular models

✦ hereO GPS Watch
✦ FiLIP Smartwatch
✦ The LG GizmoPal
✦ AmbyGear Smartwatch
✦ iGPS Watch
✦ KiGO Watch
✦ Wherecom

GPS Wristbands and Ankle Bracelets

A wristband locator has in-built GPS device, which can be either worn on one's wrist or arm. An ankle bracelet locator is meant to be worn on ankles. A good quality wristband or ankle bracelet locator is made from a skin-friendly fabric. Most of these are waterproof, so you can make your child wear it even when it's raining or when they are near water.
Furthermore, LG KizON, comes with a two-way voice feature, wherein the child just has to press the main button and hold it to talk to his or her parents.
The locator tags are planted inside the wristband/ankle bracelet to avoid being misplaced. That, however, doesn't hinder the signal strength of the device. So, if your child wanders off somewhere, this device can help you to bring him back safely. It is an ideal device for small children.

Popular models

✦ Kidsport GPS tracking band
✦ ReliAlert XC
✦ LG KizON

GPS Trackers

Besides watches, wristbands, and ankle bracelets, you can also avail the services of dedicated GPS trackers which are available in plenty. These trackers feature a small transmitter which transmits the location of your child on a real-time basis.
Though small, they have a powerful range and thus, can be used to monitor your children without them having the slightest idea about it. Most of these devices are accurate up to a distance of 10 ft, while some, like Spark Nano, have a range of well under the 10-ft mark.
As they are small, these GPS trackers can be easily planted in your child's clothes, bags, or even shoes. In fact, some of these devices are so small that they can be easily concealed and planted on your child without him realizing.
These trackers come as a blessing in disguise when it becomes difficult to convince children that they are being monitored for their own safety. Ideally, you should go for trackers which come with features like two-way calling and panic alert.

Popular models

✦ Amber Alert GPS
✦ Loc8tor GPS for Kids
✦ PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator
✦ iTrack GPS Tracker
✦ Spark Nano
✦ LiveViewGPS PT-10
✦ Lok8U Freedom for Kids
Some argue that GPS tracking devices are tools used by parents to skip their responsibility. Maybe some parents do that, but in general it has proved to be an effective safety tool, helping thousands of children in distress, not just in the US, but across the entire world.
If your child's safety is your priority and you haven't yet bought a child GPS locator, then now is the time to buy one. You never know, by not buying it you might be making your child vulnerable to a whole lot of hazards.