Inexpensive Baby Shower Decorations

These Inexpensive Baby Shower Decorations Will Thrill Your Guests

A baby shower is a way of celebrating the impending arrival of a baby into the lives of the parents and family. It is a happy event, that is generally celebrated by women, along with the mother-to-be.
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Last Updated: Sep 17, 2018
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As times have progressed, baby showers have become more elaborate with the inclusion of gifts, a special menu, specific decorations, and much more. It has thus, become important to keep up with these trends.
However, it is important to remember that these, especially decorations, are not meant to be the highlight of the event. Guests only come to share the happiness of the mother-to-be. It is therefore wise to go for some simple with the decorations.
Serve the Punch in a Baby Bathtub
Rubber Duck
Prepare a nice punch and pour it into a baby bathtub, that can later serve as a gift for the mother-to-be. You can also float a cute rubber duck in the drink.
Baby bottle
You can also serve the drink in mock baby bottles. Just keep the nipple aside, add a pink or blue umbrella straw, and serve.
Decorate with Pictures of the Mom and Dad
Instant photo prints hanged on string and digital tablet
Use happy pictures of the mom and dad to be, pictures that mark their journey to this day, including the pictures clicked during the period of pregnancy.
Nothing can be more joyous for the mother-to-be, than to reminisce about happy times that have led to this wonderful event in her life. This decoration idea is cheap, simple, interesting and uniquely personalized.
Add Christmas Lights to the Decorations
Beautiful Pregnant Woman In A Holiday Dress. Christmas Tree Background.
Who said Christmas lights are to be used only during Christmas?
Any event can be given the required color with beautiful and elegant Christmas lights. Just string them across the room in various corners.
Unique Centerpieces
Create unique centerpieces to add a personal touch to the decorations. A great idea is to have a single branch in glass, sprayed either blue or pink, and to hang small baby decorations on it, like a mini diaper, a mini feeding bottle, a mini rubber duck, and a mini picture of a baby.
Make Baby Garlands
Baby boy shower card
It is a wonderful option, to make a garland with cut-outs of either various baby pictures, cute cartoon characters, a feeding bottle, a pacifier, a diaper, and even a crib, in a variety of bright colors.
Baby Shower
Remember, it is okay to use inexpensive decorations for the baby shower, because what makes the event memorable is not the decoration or the food, but the time spent together and the joy and happiness.