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Best Baby Cribs

Looking for some best baby cribs to buy for the new arrival at your home? Here, will cover some tips on baby cribs you should consider while buying cribs for your newborn.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Nov 22, 2018
The best baby cribs available today are far more technologically advanced than those in the past. The baby cribs available in the past could just slide up and down, available only in square shape with a thick mattress.
The cribs available today are more than just square shapes and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Let us learn a bit more on the safest baby cribs to buy for your young ones.

Best Baby Cribs to Buy

Before you choose a baby crib for your little one, keep in mind the the mentioned tips. It is very important to choose the safest baby cribs, as studies have shown about 26 infants die every year due to crib related injury. Thus, we shall have a look at some pointers that will help you choose the best and the safest baby bed for your little one.

Bar Size

You need to choose a safe baby crib that has about 19/8" wide vertical bars. This is very important as the baby will avoid squeezing into the bars and getting injured. Most of the soda cans available are about 19/8" in diameter. So when buying the baby crib, pass a soda can through the bars.
If it gets stuck, the crib is safe. But if it passes through the vertical bars the crib is unsafe and avoid buying it totally. In other words, the distance between two bars of the bed should be less than 2/8th of an inch. This will prevent any body part of the baby from getting stuck in between the bars.

Headboard and Foot Board Size

You should not consider baby beds with headboard or foot boards with a design cutout that is wider than 19/8". You might like the baby crib design, but it may be dangerous for your baby. Thus, choose a baby crib that is without a cutout.
The corner posts should not be higher than 1/16" as it is very hazardous for the baby. If any baby clothing gets stuck in the post that is higher it may lead to strangulation. You can choose baby cribs that have posts that are 16" in height and can support a canopy.

Stationary Sides or Drop Sides

Most of the cribs that you must have seen have drop sides. These drop sides can be either single-drop sides or double-drop sides that slide down. There are drop-gate cribs too, that fold down. Some cribs come with stationary sides. Many parents prefer the drop side cribs as it is convenient to use.
However, safety standards show it is not very safe to use. The plastic parts could break and this could lead to a space between the railing and mattress. If the baby moves around, s/he could slip into the space and can get hurt or suffocated. Thus, it is better used to cribs with stationary sides or drop-gate cribs.

Baby Mattresses Size

Choose a crib with baby mattresses that is firm and tight-fitting. You should be able to fit two fingers side by side between the side of the crib and mattress. If the baby crib is too small, it will lead to a safety hazard.
If you are reusing an old baby crib, make sure all the bolts, brackets and screws are tight and in good condition. The baby crib should not be cracked or splintered.

Follow Safety Regulations

You should buy a baby bed that meets the safety regulations for baby cribs laid down by Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC). You should also watch out for Juvenile Products Manufacturer's Association (JPMA) certification to be totally sure that the baby crib you are going to purchase is the safest baby crib to buy.

Start the Hunt Early

Start looking for baby cribs reviews in magazines and over the Internet when you are pregnant. Make sure you research thoroughly and narrow down the best ones you can buy, through these reviews. Set a budget that will help you find the best baby crib to buy within your budget. Visit the best stores in town that specialize in baby products.
Have a look at the various styles offered and watch out for the discounts. You can go in for convertible cribs that can be used as beds, round cribs, canopy cribs, whatever suits your and your baby's needs. The sooner you start the better, as it will help you choose the best from a variety of choices narrowed down by you and your partner.

Shape of Cribs

The round cribs are one the safest baby cribs as the baby is placed in the center and therefore there are less chances of getting stuck in vertical bars. See that the crib is tight-fitting without slats or rails overhead.
Check out for extra features like collapsible frames that ease in transportation. You even have a choice of buying 3-in-1 convertible cribs and lifetime cribs. The 3-in-1 cribs can easily be converted from a crib to toddler bed to day-to-day drawer.
The lifetime crib can also be converted into the mentioned features, but it can serve as a full size bed too. Therefore, choose a baby crib such that it suits your short-term and long-term plan.

Paint Colors of Crib

A law was passed way back in 1974, that baby cribs should not be painted with lead based paints. Lead is supposed to cause many development and growth delays as well as other health issues in children. Thus, make sure you check if the paint used on the crib is not lead based or any other harmful chemical based. It should be totally baby safe.

Cribs on Wheels

Choose cribs that have easily detachable caster wheels. This is because it will be helpful for you when you need to clean underneath the crib or move it to another room within the house.
Detachable wheels are preferable as it prevents, accidental movement of the crib and reduces risk of injury to the toddler. Cribs that do not come with wheels can be fitted with caster wheels that are sold in your nearby hardware shop.

Warranty on Cribs

You will also come across baby cribs that come with a warranty of about 1 year or more. Ask your dealer about the warranty and the spare parts provided by the manufacturer. Make sure they give an after service in case of any kind of breakage.
Do not go in for used cribs until and unless you are sure they have been used well. There are many cribs for people on an economy budget. These cribs may not have the gorgeous looks, but they sure have all the basic requirements related to the best baby beds.
This was all about the best baby cribs to buy when you are expecting the new arrival. Make sure you give preference to safety and accessibility over style and aesthetics.