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Benefits of Having a Dog in Your Family

Mikkie Mills Sep 20, 2019
Dogs are man's best friend and can play a vital role in every family. You should consider getting a dog because the benefits outweigh the risk and difficulties that may arise.

Benefits and problems of a dog in your family

Dogs are beloved canine companions, and can even be a good source of protection. However, for some of us the idea of having a dog may seem like a whole lot more work and responsibility then we are willing to take on.

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After all, there will be issues that will come up when having a pet dog. They will need to have all their vaccinations and they shed hair.

More things to think about before getting a dog

Some dogs bark excessively even when there is no threat of any kind. Then there are the issues of dog scratching themselves, it could be fleas, could be a tick, could be an allergy or something more serious which lead to yet another vet bill.
So, why would someone want a dog? Having a pet dog is actually worth all the responsibility.

Dogs keep you active

Dogs love to go for walks, which means that you have to take them out to walk around the block. It would get you out in the fresh air and exercising as well. For those who have their dog in their yard please take time to play with them such as playing fetch with a ball is a great way to bond, and again to have some recreational time as well.

Good company

When we live alone or at home alone a dog provides us with companionship. We have someone to talk to and don't feel so lonely.

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In fact, a dog tends to look right at you as you talk to them as if they totally understand and are hanging on your every word. Plus a dog never judges us no matter what we say, the love us unconditional.

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Teaches your kids responsibility

This is directed at parents as a good argument for having a dog. A kid could be put in charge of feeding the dog.
They could also learn not to have their shoes left somewhere, that the dog could get a hold of it and start to chew on them. Through a dog, a kid will learn how to care for someone else, how to control their anger and even friendship skills.

Snuggle up with you and give comfort

A dog loves to snuggle with you. This can be a great thing when say a bad storm is raging outside. It is also great during cold winter months.

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In addition, dogs seem to automatically know when someone they love is hurting. They will want to comfort that person, by either cuddling up to them or by licking them or by just being there.

Dogs are beneficial to your health

Dogs can actually help us have better health. One of the main causes of poor health is having a whole lot of stress in our lives. Dogs help us destress after a long tough day.
Dogs provide us with love which helps us feel more relaxed. Research has shown those who own dogs tend to have a better blood pressure rate and less stress in their lives.