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Benefits of Reading to Children

Parents Should Know These 5 Benefits of Reading to Children

There are numerous benefits to the seemingly simple and unassuming action of reading to your children. Read on to know more about what they are...
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Reading aloud to your children has been recommended by a majority of psychologists and baby care experts as a beneficial activity. The following writeup explains why it is so.
Improved Linguistic Ability
Reading aloud to children is not only the responsibility of teachers―you should also make it a daily habit at home. It's important for your child to develop linguistic abilities, so that s/he can master verbal skills quickly. This also gives you the opportunity to spend some more quality time with your children.
Correct Pronunciation
Knowing the correct pronunciation of words is important for every baby. If you read aloud the text, your child will perceive the words and will try to emulate the way you or his teachers say it.Reading comprehensive activities conducted in schools also improve pronunciation of children.
Enhanced Auditory Comprehension
It improves the child's hearing ability and auditory comprehension. If your child is too young to go to school, make sure you read aloud nursery rhymes and poems everyday.
Improved Concentration
Children pay constant attention while you are reading the text. This increases their attention span, which proves beneficial when they go to school. It also enhances their ability to memorize.
Increasing Vocabulary
When you read aloud to children, they come across new words, and try to interpret their meaning on the go. This way, they increase their vocabulary, and can also improve their ability to 'puzzle out' the meaning of certain words. They can later use the newfound words themselves. Attentively listening indirectly improves writing skills.
As children grow older, they will obviously learn to read on their own. The experience of being read to during their early years will fortify their interest in reading books. A passion for languages and for reading is always beneficial for a person's mental development and even in maintaining a healthy psychology. So, make it a point to read out loud to your child everyday!