A Layman's Guide on How and Why to Use Bedwetting Diapers

An effective, but temporary solution to bedwetting in children and teenagers is bedwetting diapers. Read on to know more.
Priya Johnson Nov 4, 2018
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Scores of children across the globe suffer from bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis. Approximately 5-7 million kids in the United States wet the bed, with 20% children between ages 5-6 and 2% teenagers are known to be affected by the bedwetting issue.
As the child crosses the age of 6, the condition seems to haunt and embarrass the child, let alone when they grow into teenagers. However, it's important to note that bedwetting is not the child's fault. No child wets the bed on purpose! It can be caused by genetic factors, hormonal factors, psychological problems, infections in the urinary tract, etc.
There are two kinds of bedwetting; one in which wetting takes place during the day time, while the other is night bedwetting. Then again, it may also happen if the child's bladder hasn't grown fast enough to catch up with the rest of the body's growth. One solution to this problem is bedwetting diapers.

What are Bedwetting Diapers

Bedwetting diapers are diapers with absorbents that soak up the urine and prevent it from seeping out to wet the night-clothes or bed sheet.
Moreover, the upper layer of plastic on the bedwetting diaper helps keep the moisture away from the skin, thereby providing comfortable sleep at night. Most parents find it absolutely ridiculous to have their child who have crossed 5-6 years of age to wear a diaper.
These diapers are not long-term bedwetting solutions for this problem. It's only a temporary solution, which helps keep the bed dry at night and enables the child to sleep peacefully without worrying about wetting the bed.
By wearing a diaper, the child does not get disturbed from his or her sleep because of the wet clothing. It also does away with the frustration of wet sheets for parents.
The best thing about getting bedwetting diapers is that it relieves the child of getting cornered in embarrassing situations, especially during slumber parties, camps or overnight school trips. These diapers build the confidence of the child and prevents him or her from shunning away from their social activities.
There are 2 types of bedwetting diapers. One that is made from spongy cotton washable diapers, while the other that is the throwaway type. While purchasing diapers for your older children, it's important to refrain from buying diapers shown on TV. This is because the advertisements portray diapers only for babies, which may affect your child psychologically.
There are various kinds of diapers available in stores today, with some bearing striking semblance to an underwear. Buy such diapers for your child. These are one of the best bedwetting diapers which will put the child's psychological state at ease.
Bedwetting in older children should not be overlooked. It definitely is something to be concerned about. Moreover, it's important to remember that bedwetting diapers are only temporary solutions. Resorting to these diapers to solve bedwetting problems is like dealing with the symptoms but not with the underlying cause.
It may be a symptom of a sleep disorder, and if this is the case the sleep disorder needs to be dealt with, rather than masking it by using bedwetting diapers. One should consult a doctor regarding one's child's bedwetting issue and use of bedwetting diapers.
There are some bedwetting medications such as DDAVP or desmopressin or alarm diapers which go off when urine hits the diaper, etc. that can be used to treat the bedwetting conditions. However, the kind of treatment selected will vary from child to child, depending on his or her age and severity of the bedwetting problem.
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