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Babysitter Interview Questions

Kundan Pandey Jan 26, 2019
Certain questions asked will help you to analyze and screen the right kind of nannies/babysitters for your kid(s). So, equip yourself with these questions, and discuss them with the prospective individual before you leave your little one in her hands.
I've honestly been really lucky. My only jobs have been babysitting and acting.
―Anne Hathaway

Your kid is undoubtedly the center of your life. You do anything and everything so that he is brought up well and in all possible comfort. But, there are times when you need to attend to other commitments and end up having to leave your little child alone at home.
At such times, you don't want to compromise in any way about the care you give it, and need someone to take your place for a few hours and look after your kid just the way you do. In other words, you are looking for the perfect babysitter you can hire.
In order to find such a person, you need to put forth some important questions to prospective candidates so as to determine who is suitable for the job. Here's some help. Have a look at the questions given here to get an idea as to what you need to ask and know, before you let in someone from out on this big responsibility.

Questions to Ask Teenage Babysitters

● Tell us something about your life and family?
● Have you ever worked as a babysitter? If yes, then how many kids have you babysat earlier?
● How old were the kids and for how long did you babysit for them?
● Have you done any certificate course or program in babysitting, first aid, etc.?
● What are you hobbies and how do you use your spare time?
● Do you smoke? If yes, then how frequently?
● Are your parents happy about your decision to work as a babysitter?
● Won't the babysitting job affect your studies? How will you handle both?
● Give some information about your school and the grades you score? What are your favorite subjects?
● What types of children activities do you love to play with children?
● Tell us something about your most difficult situation in handling a child?
● How much do you charge per hour? Are you open for pay negotiations?

Questions to Ask Adult/Matured Babysitters

● Describe about your childcare experiences? Are you married? Do you have kids?
● Tell something about your previous and existing clients?
● What is your approach in handling children?
● What are your personal goals for this year?
● How patient you are in babysitting?
● What is/are the earliest time(s) of the day you can be called for?
● What additional services do you provide besides babysitting? Cooking, gardening, laundry, etc.?
● What is your social security number and some personal details about you, so that we can find out about you in a more refined way?

Common Questions

● Why do you love babysitting? What motivates you for this work?
● What do you expect from an employer or the family you are going to work with?
● What are the rates and your concerns about the job?
● How comfortable are you if you have to work some extra hours due to some urgent situations?
● Do you have your own conveyance facility or do you expect us to drive you back home?
● Tell us something about your work experience and educational qualifications?
● How comfortable are you with pets? Do have any phobia with pets?
● What would you do if the child doesn't go to sleep or annoys you?
● Can you handle newborns?
● Are you aware about childproof rooms?
● Are you aware of child diseases and infections that they can suffer due to poor hygiene?
● Do you keep emergency contact numbers in your phone book? How vigilant are you in avoiding emergencies?
● Can you drive the children in a car?
● Do you own a driving license? Can we please see a copy of it?
● Can you travel with the family in case we have to travel for some picnics and other commitments, though for a short period of time?
● Do you know swimming? First aid methods?
● How early will you inform us before leaving the job?
● Can you bathe and dress children?
● Can you change a diaper and handle kids patiently without getting annoyed?

Questions to Ask References

● Since how long have you known the applicant?
● Is the babysitter working elsewhere and how does he/she takes care of the child?
● Does the babysitter look after your children?
● Why are you recommending the babysitter? What was good about the babysitter?
● Was the child comfortable with the babysitter?
● Was she responsible and attending phone calls on time?
● How did she handle emergencies?
● How good a caregiver can be this babysitter? If you are recommending him/her, then can you give some more places where the babysitter has worked previously?
● How frequently did the babysitter takes leaves?
● Is she reliable and trustworthy?
Once you have selected a certain candidate, you need to introduce her to the kid(s). You can invite her for a cup of coffee or dinner, so that your family can get introduced, and it will also act as an ice breaker for the kid and her.