Incredibly Special Baby Shower Table Decorations

Baby Shower Table Decorations
The baby shower table is the center of attention of the party. It's decorated with themes synonymous to the auspicious occasion along with gifts and presents. Here we have explained the various ways to ornament a baby shower table.
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Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Baby shower is a blissful occasion to welcome the arrival of a baby. The expecting mom is showered with blessings and good wishes and the day is celebrated with utmost joy and happiness. Table decoration is a part of the auspicious ceremony where mostly good luck themes are chosen. The table is placed at the center of the room and is decorated with various types of centerpieces, flowers, cards, candles, balloons, soft toys, and cakes. Such elements endow vibrancy all around and make the occasion auspicious for welcoming the baby. With beautiful decorations, the table becomes the center of attention in a baby shower ceremony.
Cakes and Chocolates
baby shower cake
You can inscribe good luck quotes and auspicious words on the baby shower cake at the center of the table along with delicious chocolates. Pack cookies and candies in small packets and wrap them with golden papers and tie colorful satin ribbons to enhance them. Also fill baskets or spice jars with homemade chocolates, cookies, jellies, and pies. Few examples are potpourri sachets, wildflower seeds, lollipops, donuts, cupcakes, candy canes etc. A diaper cake is a common decorative piece.
Floral Centerpieces
baby shower flower decoration
Baby shower table decoration is incomplete without floral arrangement. Make the centerpieces with your favorite flowers and either use fresh flowers or artificial flowers. You can adorn clay pitchers, ceramic vases, copper vessels, or glass vases with bright and fragrant flowers. If you are ornamenting with fresh flowers, buy them on that day itself. You can collect and arrange tulips, roses, hydrangeas, peonies, gerbera, carnations, daisies, and freesias for making floral centerpieces.
Soft Toys and Dolls
bear toy with gift box
Winnie-the-pooh, scooby doo, bunny, mickey mouse, and donald duck are some of the favorite cartoon characters of kids. You can purchase similar figurine stuffed toys to ornament the baby shower table. If you're expecting twins, then you can keep soft toys in pairs (like 2 elephants, 2 rabbits, etc). Purchase dolls and come up with creative ideas to make unique centerpieces with word blocks. You'll also find themed medallions in stores which are sold exclusively for decorating baby shower tables.
Balloons and Cards
dessert table decorated with Balloons
Open the cards to expose the quotation and place them beside the cake. Blow up colorful balloons of varied range of shapes and let them float casually over the table. The first option is, draw smiley faces on the balloons and fill them with glitters and petals. When the balloons burst, the petals will shower on you. You can also attach the balloons with the stuffed toys placed on the table.
Other Knick Knacks
candle jars
Cover the table with fabric in the shade of pink, sky blue or white. You can place candle centerpieces, knitted baby shoes, baby clothesline, etc. It's better to make arrangement for dining on a separate table so that there's no paucity of space while serving food. Keep a collection of edible party favors on the dining table for your guests. Such items include small jars of honey, baby themed lollipops, candy sticks, spice jars, ice cream cones and fruit baskets.
Delicious cupcakes with flowers on the glass plate
New Baby Cupcakes
Strawberry cups
Jars of color baby shower candy
Red velvet cupcakes
White and blue candies and cookies
Dessert table
Chocolate for new baby boy celebration
Pregnant women at baby shower
Delicious Chocolate and Red Velvet Cupcakes