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Baby Shower Sports Theme

Anannya Saikia Apr 17, 2019
A baby shower is a traditional occasion which is generally attended by female friends and relatives of the expectant mother; though nowadays, men are also seen attending couple baby showers. When there is such a gathering, a sports theme is a good idea.
A baby's birth in the family is a happy occasion. But before its arrival into this world, everybody is busy preparing to welcome the newborn. That is why, baby showers are celebrated with no stone left unturned to make it a grand occasion. Usually, a friend or relative of the mother organizes the baby shower.
Though there are many unique themes for a baby shower, have you ever thought about a sports theme? It may sound as if it is a boy thing, but you can also celebrate it for girls. If the mommy-to-be or both the parents are avid sports fans, you can dedicate it to them. You can have it centered around a favorite sport or a team.


Invitations for this theme are no different from other invitations. If the theme is that of a generic sort, you'll find lots of invitations featuring sporting appliances. If it's a sports team that you'd like to go for, you can either purchase the team logo or you can print it. Or, it will be even better if you can present the invitation as a game ticket.


If you are going for a general sports theme, decorations can be quite easy, since balloons and streamers with sports-related designs are found in abundance. Or, if you want to go for a specific team, download that team's logo, since you would like to match everything with the theme.
Remember, everything should be with your favorite team's logo such as the balloons, streamers, festoons, and even the table clothes and napkins. But don't put the iron-ons, since the logos are copyrighted and their use should be purely personal. Opt for pastel colors if you want to soften the look of your decor.


Hamburgers, potato salads, and hotdogs are perfect for this occasion, with veg platters and meat platters thrown in to complement the menu.
You can also include munchies like chicken wings and ribs and fully loaded nachos; although these are also great as appetizers. As for the cake, bake it in a round shape, and decorate it like a soccer ball or basketball. You can also bake small cupcakes to go with it, and decorate them as golf, tennis, or baseballs.


Sports-related games are best for this theme. Games like sports trivia or a game console set up, which are entertaining as well as competitive, can be arranged.
If you have a backyard, that's even better, because there you can play a game of badminton or football. Make sure to arrange for a few chairs outdoor, so that the guests who will not be playing can relax and chat or enjoy the game.

Gifts, Favors and Prizes

Gifts do not necessarily have to be sports-specific, but you can have a lot of gifts for the baby that are centered around sports. Clothing, bedding, lamps, etc., in team colors can also be considered.
For the guests, you can give out gift certificates or tickets to local games. But if you want to give something which is a little inexpensive, you can choose drink holders and water bottles. For the prizes, you can give mini trophies and games.
A baby shower sports theme is sure to be a hit amongst your guests, because everybody can participate without feeling left out. It is one of those themes where everybody can enjoy to the hilt. The little champion's homecoming is sure to be remembered.