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8 Incredible Baby Shower Party Favors You'll Want to Steal Now

Baby Shower Party Favors
When it comes to a baby shower, thinking of party favors is not very difficult. There are many different ideas that you can consider. This article provides some suggestions.
Buzzle Staff
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
A baby shower is a very special occasion that every mother-to-be cherishes. When it comes to the party favors, there are many options that you can choose from to display your gratitude to your guests. A wide range of choices are available on online stores, and these items can even be purchased in bulk. Most stores will even personalize the favor for you. Give below is a list of options that you can consider.
You can give personalized cookies to your guests. Baby shower cookies come in different colors and designs that you can choose from. You can also personalize the cookies by adding some text to them to mark the special occasion. There are also many options in the packaging that you can choose from once you have selected the cookies you want to gift.
Coffee/Tea Pouches
A personalized coffee/tea favor is a good gift. These contain any good coffee/tea powder of your choice, that you can have packed in pouches with fun and elegant designs. The designs can also be personalized with some custom text.
Scented Candles
You can give your guests scented candles. These candles look very beautiful. All you need to do is select the packaging and have it personalized using gift tags.
Chocolate Lollipop
This could be a sweet treat for your guests. You can have the lollipops personalized with the name and date of the baby shower. Have them carefully packed. These will be loved by your guests.
Mint Tin
You can have each mint tin customized with the name and date of the baby shower. You can even select the layout and the wording that you would like it to have. With a wide choice of layouts available, you have a lot of room to experiment with this favor.
This is a nice and practical favor idea. A notebook is small, easy, and useful. You can personalize each one. You can also have a matching pen added along with it. In this way, the user doesn't have to look for a pen elsewhere in an emergency.
Flower Gift Box
A beautiful gift box is a very good idea. While selecting one, ensure that it is sturdy. Fill it with homemade candy, cookies, and almonds, or bath salts, candles, and soaps. To personalize it, just add a tag to it.
Baby Themed Glass Photo Coaster
This is a unique gift that will be loved by your guests. Instead of using the baby boy and girl designs, you can be creative and put baby pictures of each of your guests on the coasters. Once that is done, you can have them gift wrapped neatly in clear plastic boxes along with a personalized tag for each one.
These were some simple and easy ideas that you could try out. You can be creative and innovative and come up with many unique ideas of your own.
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