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Baby Shower Ideas and Themes

Super Marvelous Baby Shower Ideas and Themes to Surprise Everyone

Baby showers are a fun gathering of friends who bring gifts and well wishes for the mother-to-be. Here are some ideas and themes to make it a memorable day.
Uttara Manohar
Last Updated: Sep 20, 2018
White Crochet Baby Booties
A baby shower is a great way to celebrate the would-be mother's baby bump. It is a great time to shower her with some of the most useful and interesting gifts that would be a great help to her on the baby's arrival.
It is commonly an event that is exclusively arranged by and for the ladies, however, with the changing trends, several people like to accommodate men in this ceremony as well. Planning it is a task that is usually taken up by one of the friends or relatives of the expecting mother.
Ideas and Themes
Picking out a theme for the shower is very easy. However, you need to take special care to execute it well. In case you are not willing to spend on ready-made baby shower kits, you can always make the preparations at home.
You guys are spoiling me - and the baby!
There are DIY kits available that are simply great. A theme can be incorporated into the get-together while selecting each and every item, starting from the plates, paper napkins, table cloth, balloons, to the favors as well.
Elegant Tea Party
Cucumber Sandwiches and Tea
This one can be a great idea for the ladies, with some great aromatic teas, and some cucumber sandwiches and mouth-watering accompaniments. You can include some lip-smacking finger food in the beginning.
Make sure you have healthy food being served, especially make it a point to avoid the things that are not good for the expecting mother. Bring out the expensive china, drape your tables in the choicest tablecloths, and use linen napkins to go with the theme.
baby shower
It could be great if you could add fresh flowers as centerpieces for the tables.
Movie Buff Mommy
Pregnant woman with her friend watching TV
This one is for movie lovers. You can plan the entire shower around several movies. You can use movie posters to decorate the party venue and also play some soundtracks to create the perfect ambiance.
You can even rent some baby related movies like Look Who's Talking, Baby's Day Out, or Three Men and a Baby. It can be great for the mother-to-be to enjoy these movies with her friends. As favors, you can give away CDs and DVDs of these movies.
Fun and Games
Pregnant woman laughing with her friend at baby shower
If you want the baby shower to be really different and fun for the mom-to-be as well as the guests, then incorporating a lot of fun games and activities can be a great idea.
In the beginning, you can put down the names of all your guests on a paper and have a lucky draw. Arrange for a special gift for the lucky draw winner. In case you are apprehensive about designing your own games, then you can always use the ready-made baby shower game kits that are available in the market.