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Baby Shower Foods to Serve

Geeta Dhavale Mar 12, 2019
Hosting a baby shower, and finding it tricky to choose the menu? Find some ideas on baby shower foods to serve, that will help you plan a tasty treat for the soiree.
Baby showers are happy occasions, and when it comes to celebrations, yummy food is the first thing on everybody's mind. So, to make the event more enjoyable and memorable, a good menu is essential. Here are a few ideas that can help you plan a good menu for the occasion.

Things To Consider

There are certain things that you must consider before planning a menu for baby shower. They would greatly help you zero down on the foods that you can serve.

Time Of the Party

You cannot invite people at lunch time, and offer just a cold drink and French fries. At lunch and dinner timings, you have to serve some filling food. However, if you are holding the event in the evening, snacks will work well. So, you must plan your menu according to the schedule of the party.

Number of People

You must also plan the menu as per the number of people you have invited. For example, some dishes are difficult to make, and are more time-consuming. Choosing them, when you have called many people, can strain you. However, you can go for critical meals if you have invited few guests, and have the assistance for cooking.

Sitting Arrangement

You must plan the menu as per the kind of seating arrangements you can provide them with. In case of full course meals, you have to provide the guests with dining tables. On the other hand, if you are offering light and easy finger foods, a buffet will do.
These things are often neglected, when it comes to baby shower menu planning, resulting in a mess. So, in order to ensure that your guests enjoy the spread at their convenience, consider the mentioned points.

Best Foods to Serve at a Baby Shower

There two categories of menus you can serve: three course meals and finger foods/snacks. Choosing food for three course meals is easier. The main dish is generally of chicken, because it is one of the safest choices. Apart from this, it is easy-to-cook, inexpensive, and most favored.
Appetizers, along with soup or cold drinks, can precede the main dish. This is followed by dessert, to bring a sweet end to the party.
However, it is observed that people love having a variety of snacks in an informal manner, and so, buffet tables laid with mouth-watering snacks can be found more appealing by guests. Hence, it is advisable to go for finger foods or snacks, that are filling and healthy. Given here are suggestions of what all can be served at a baby shower.


When it comes to serving drinks at baby shower you can try mocktails, fresh fruit juices, soft drinks, punch, or vegetable juices. It is advisable to avoid serving hard drinks at baby showers.


Appetizers can be served in the beginning, along with the drinks, as the guests arrive. It will help you set the mood. Keep these simple and easy. Given here are some options:
☆ French fries
☆ Potato crisps
☆ Vegetable dips
☆ Chicken wings
☆ Deviled eggs
☆ Toasted almonds
☆ Nacho bites and Salads

Main Snacks

Main snacks are like the main dish from a three course meal, only something that can be eaten more casually by guests. These should be filling and tasty, and easy to handle and eat. Here are some options you can try:
☆ Burger stuffed with vegetables, chicken, and mayonnaise
☆ Pizza crusts with fresh vegetable seasonings
☆ Whole grain pasta
☆ Asparagus Roll Ups
☆ Chicken Nuggets
☆ Grilled sandwiches
☆ Smoked salmon roll ups
☆ Stuffed potatoes and mushrooms
☆ Cheese and cracker platter
☆ Fruit platter


This is the section where most of the guests will be lingering. Everyone likes dessert, and it is one of the most awaited course in every party. Having some delicious desserts acts like a cherry on the cake, making your baby shower menu a complete one. Have only 1 or 2 desserts so that the guests can concentrate on the snacks as well. Here are some options:
☆ Fruit cake
☆ Chocolate fondue
☆ Chocolate mousse
☆ Ice cream
☆ Fruit Custard
☆ Fruit salad with ice cream
☆ Brownies and pastries
You can choose any of the mentioned baby shower foods, to serve and design your own menu. Mix and match as per your choice. The guests will definitely love it, and that is surely going to add on to the happiness of the occasion.