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Baby Shower Favors to Make at Home

Sujata Iyer Nov 7, 2018
There are tons of ideas for baby shower favors that you can make at home. Some of these have been mentioned here. Read it and you won't be so worried about them anymore.
So, you're in charge of your best friend's baby shower. You've begun with the planning, are almost done with the invitations, the food, and the theme. But you're a newbie at this whole party planning deal and you've only just realized that you need to be arranging for favors for all the guests who will be attending the shower.
Don't worry, there's no need to panic! We have some ideas on unique baby shower favors that you can make yourself, right there sitting at home.

Fragrant Favors

This is one of the most popular and easy favors to make. Buy some aromatherapy ingredients. You can choose from soap, bubble bath, essential oils, body washes, etc.
Make separate packs for each of your guests containing one of each item, wrapping them with pretty wrapping paper. You can also place them in pretty gift bags if you wish. All the packs should hold the same items.
You can experiment with the fragrances though. But just to be uniform, don't mix a lavender soap with a strawberry bubble bath (just an example). Give each guest a pack which has only one fragrance. If they wish to exchange, they'll do it after the shower.

Candy Favors

One of the simplest things you can do when you need to arrange for quick and cute favors is run to the store and get your hands on some yummy candy. Also, get some pretty wrapping paper.
Place handfuls of candy, chocolates, lollipops, licorice, and whatever other types of confectionery you've bought on the inside of the wrapping paper. Hold both the horizontal ends of the paper, and begin to twist them in such a way that the pack resembles a toffee. So, when the guests open the big toffee, they'll find lots of small sweets inside.

Jelly Favors

Get different flavors of jelly powder from the supermarket. Also, get small containers of different shapes and colors, with lids on them.
An hour or two before the shower, mix the water and the jelly powder directly into the containers according to the instructions on the pack. Then keep them in the refrigerator to set. Don't remove them until the end of the party. As and when each guest leaves, simply take a container out and hand it to them with a pretty flower.

Baked Favors

Another idea for a baby shower favor is baked goodies. Make two or three batches of delicious cupcakes and decorate them.
You can have frosting and icing in pink or blue with a baby girl or boy drawn out on them. Place each cupcake in a small pastry box, and tie it with a pink or blue ribbon. Tada! Your pretty and yummy baby shower favor is ready!

Healthy Favors

Give all your guests a healthy treat. You'll need dried fruits like cashews, raisins, dried plums and peaches, apricots, walnuts, etc., and small honey jars.
Take a piece of tulle or organza. Divide the dry fruits and the honey jars equally into packs, according to the number of guests. Place each pack of dry fruits and 1 honey jar each, into the net cloth, and tie the cloth with a golden string at the top. Your guests will definitely like this scrumptious healthy favor!
Choose any of these ideas for baby shower favors and see how successful they are. One other important thing that you should not forget is the thank you cards. If not a big card, at least a small, one line thank you note to thank everyone who arranged and attended the baby shower will be much appreciated.