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Baby Shower Cupcakes

Kanika Khara Nov 23, 2018
Cupcakes are the best and easiest items that one can serve at a baby shower. Here are some ideas on customizing these amazing treats, so that the mother-to-be and the guests have a gala time munching on them.
Baby shower is a party organized by a family member or close friend for the expectant mother in order to celebrate the impending arrival of her baby. It is a happy occasion wherein the mom-to-be is showered with gifts, blessings and lots of love by her family and friends.
There are many things like invitations, decorations, cake, baby shower favors, etc., that are required to be done in order to make this event a huge success. Hence, as a responsible host one cannot overlook them and has to plan everything well and beforehand.
The most important element of a baby shower party that highlights the entire event is the baby shower cake. But if you are planning to do something different this time, in place of the typical cake try keeping cute and delicious baby shower cupcakes. These are a great alternative to a large decorated sheet baby shower cake.
Cupcakes are not only neat and easy to handle but they can also serve as a beautiful centerpiece if decorated well and kept on a big stand. But if you are running short of ideas, then here comes some simple yet innovative baby shower cupcakes ideas for you.

Daisy Treats Mini Cupcakes

These are cute mini cupcakes decorated with bite sized colorful treats. After baking and cooling the cupcakes, ice them with a butter cream icing.
Use a decorating bag with tip 32 to pipe swirl the cream on the top of the cupcake. Sprinkle the cupcakes with a dash of colorful treats and then place the cupcakes carefully on the stand or any other serving plate.

Baby Rattles Cupcakes

To turn your simple cupcakes into baby rattles, you will require lollipop sticks, gumdrops, and ribbon. First, tie a bow using a small piece of ribbon on to the lollipop sticks and then position a large gumdrop at the bottom of each stick.
Now make a hole at the side of the cupcake using a toothpick for putting the lollipop handle in to it. Finally take the lollipop stick and position it into the hole of the cupcake.

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

For this, fill a wafer ice cream cone half with candies and cover the cupcakes with a dollop of frosting. Put the cupcake on the cone with the icing side down and spread another dollop of frosting on the top of the cupcake.
Now place a mini cupcake over it and holding the cone in your hand cover the entire cupcake surface with the frosting. Decorate the cone by sprinkling some colorful treats.

Soft Serve Swirl Cupcakes

After baking and cooling the cupcakes, swirl butter cream frosting on cupcake tops. Drizzle the cupcake with chocolate sprinkles and keep a cherry at its top. Finally insert a stick candy and repeat the entire procedure for the remaining cupcakes.
Apart from these ideas, you can also use candy accessories like baby feet, pacifiers, miniatures of animals, dolls, babies, etc. to decorate the cupcakes.
Baby blue, pink, mint green, lavender, and soft yellow are some of the common decorating colors which should preferably be used while preparing cupcakes for a baby shower.