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Baby Shower Cupcake Ideas

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Nov 24, 2018
If you are hosting a baby shower party, these cute baby shower cupcake ideas will interest you. Even the easiest cupcake ideas will yield something spectacular for your party.
Serving tasty cupcakes at special occasions is not new to party hostesses. The idea is fabulous for a baby shower, as there are endless designs, colors and decorations for cupcakes.
Choose any theme and you will find cupcake ideas for baby showers to complement your party theme. Hence, if you are hosting a similar party for your friend, who is going to be a mom in a few months, choose cupcakes for the desserts. And try some new cupcake ideas to impress your friends and invitees.

Cute Baby Shower Cupcake Ideas

So, you have already sent out with baby shower invitations and finalized the favors. For the desserts, you can opt for layered cupcakes or individual ones. Layered ones serve as attractive centerpieces.
For this, you will need cake stands to display the baby shower cakes in a proper manner. Individual cupcake decorating ideas also sound good, wherein you can add variety to the color and decoration of the cakes.

For Boys

Decorating cupcakes is all about using different colored frosting and making figures on top of the cakes. You can use frosting in shades of cream, white, yellow, brown, blue, and green. And for boys, the perfect cupcake ideas for baby shower are making sports related figures, cars, bikes, and animals.

Soccer Cupcake

For a football themed cake, you will need dark (preferably black) and white colored frosting. Get some cupcakes and make traces of the soccer seams on top of the cakes. The next step is filling the white and black frosting to make your cake look like a football.

Baseball Cupcake

Next in the line of sports-inspired cakes, is the baseball cupcake. Fill orange or red colored frosting in one refillable bag and white frosting in another. Evenly coat the top of the cupcakes with white frosting. With the orange/red frosting, make two half circles with the convex sides facing against each other and draw a baseball-like stitching.

Nursery Themed Cupcake

All you need is white buttercream frosting and some ready-made figures.
Coat the cupcakes with the white frosting and use the fondant figures at the center of each cake.

For Girls

Regarding cupcakes for baby girls, use girly themes, like flowers, dolls, heart shapes, polka dots, pets, and bows. And to blend the decorations, use a frosting color in shades of cream, pink, purple, light yellow, soft blue, and red.

Teddy Bear Cupcake

One of the easiest ways to adopt a toy-inspired cupcake idea is to incorporate a teddy bear design. Gather the required supplies, a fondant teddy bear, and chocolate frosting for creating a contrast background.
Cover the cake with chocolate icing and place the teddy bear at the center. Easy to decorate, you can complete decorating this cake within a short time.

Diaper Cupcake

A funny yet cute baby shower cake decorating idea is to make diaper designs on top of the frosting. Coat the cupcakes with vanilla butter cream icing (pink and blue, if possible).
Following this, cut the ready-to-roll white colored icing to prepare diaper-shaped pieces and place one on top of each frosting. Give a finishing touch by piping one little pin to each of the nappies.

Sunflower Cupcake

To make your cupcakes turn into bright-colored sunflower cakes, you will need a white vanilla flavored frosting, yellow frosting, and chocolate frosting.
Squeeze some white frosting and cover the cakes. Then, make a circle filled with chocolate frosting at the center. Continue making sunflower-like petals with the yellow frosting and your adorable sunflower cupcake is ready.