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Baby Shower Corsages

Megha Tiwari Nov 17, 2018
Corsages are small bouquets of flowers, which adorn a woman's dress or wrist during a formal occasion. They can prove to be an exquisite way to make a mother-to-be feel special too.
A baby shower is a marvelous occasion to welcome an expecting woman to the world of motherhood, and it is a kind of reception for the new life that lies ahead. The day is totally dedicated to the would-be-mother, and it can be made special through baby shower corsages.
The best way to compliment the mother on this wonderful day is easy. It is very easy to purchase gifts from the market, but homemade ones have their own beauty and love associated with them. The task is very simple; you just need to follow a few simple instructions to make them on your own.

Pacifier Corsage

  • Purchase a few small toys and baby pacifiers of different colors, which have a loop in them so that it is easy to hang them together with the mouthpiece.
  • Make bows out of satin ribbons, and tie them around the loops of the pacifiers and toys.
  • To add an extra touch to them, use glitters and add more curling ribbons along with the bows.
  • Finally, attach this to the to-be mother's lapel.

Sock Corsage

  • For this to look splendid, you need colorful baby socks and a silk flower stem.
  • Lay the baby socks flat on a surface, and start rolling them in an angle to get a layered look.
  • Fold the edges to make the layers more prominent so that they look like the petals of a flower.
  • Attach these to the silk flower stem, and arrange them into the form of a corsage.

Toy Corsage

  • Purchase some baby toys like a teeter, small stuffed toys, and rattles.
  • Attach or tie the toys together with diaper pins or hot glue.
  • Give it any shape of your choice.
  • Decorate it with ribbons and bows made of satin.

Diaper Corsage

  • For making this one, you require some fabric and felt to make a diaper out of it.
  • Cut the diaper into any shape of your choice, for example, a teddy bear.
  • Beautify the diaper with ribbons and streamers.
  • You can also attach miniature toys and rattles to it, and hide a surprise gift inside the diaper like a pair of earrings for a baby girl.

Lily Corsage

  • Get a lily stem of about 2-3 inches long.
  • With the help of the florist's wire, tie ivy on both the sides of the lily.
  • Then, tie bows with curled ribbons to each bundle of lily and ivy.
  • Use baby diaper pins to attach them to the guests' blouses.
  • Don't forget to store these in the fridge to keep them fresh until the ceremony starts.

Funny Corsage

These funny ideas can be used as a joke for the to-be mother. You can make a changing time helper for her.
  • Pull out the wipes halfway through the little opening of a pack of baby wipes.
  • Now, arrange them into the shape of a flower.
  • Attach diaper pins to the pack, and adorn it with bows and ribbons.
Isn't it a simple task? Corsages for baby showers can be made with all those things that are related to babies. These personalized gifts will be a keepsake for the mother-to-be throughout her life. Wearing them will give her a great feeling of attachment with the baby, and also make the party one of her most memorable ones.