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Baby Shower Candy Bar Game

Mamta Mule Nov 3, 2018
The baby shower candy bar game is one of the most popular ones that will fill the celebration with fun and excitement. Read on to understand the activity.
The good news of the expected arrival of a baby in your house definitely calls for a celebration. A baby shower party, hence, is a very special day for the to-be-mom and dad.
Inviting guests, deciding a theme, decorating the party room, dinner preparations, and not to forget, the fun games followed by prizes make the party a completely fun-filled celebration. Games are the most exciting element of the entire party.
These help the guests get acquainted with each other and are enjoyed a lot by everyone. There are a number of such activities that can be played. You can decide the ones while planning a party. The candy bar game is one of the best ideas, which revolve around the mom and the baby.
There are many variations of this activity. Let us see how to play its two most popular variants:

Candy Bar Matching Game

When playing this game, the invitees have to match various clues about pregnancy, labor and delivery, baby, and motherhood, to a specific candy bar name. You can give a sheet of paper, in which all such clues are written, to each guest. Stick the bars, whose names relate to the clues on a board. Ask the guests to write the correct name in front of each clue.
Here is a small list of candy bars and their clues:
  • Baby giggles - Snickers
  • Breastfeeding - Milky Way
  • Hospital bill - 100 Grand
  • Daddy - Big Hunk
  • Anesthesiologist - Mr. Goodbar
  • Triplets - 3 Musketeers
  • Pregnant Belly - Chunky
  • Your baby - Treasures
  • Doctor - Life Savers
  • Baby's First Tooth - Crunch
The one with the most correct answers wins.

Memory Game

To prepare for this activity, you will require 30 post-it notes and 15 different candy bars. Write names of these bars on the inner side of the post-it notes. Each name must be written on two notes.
At the end, you'll have post-it notes with 15 pairs of bar names. Stick them, and face down randomly on the board, so that no pairs are beside each other. This concludes the preparation.
Ask the guests to pick up two post-it notes at a time; if they match, he/she wins a point. If not, stick them back and check the next two. Same post-it notes can be checked twice during the activity.
Give each guest 10 chances to play; the one who can find the maximum number of pairs is the winner. Give the winner a basket of 15 different candies. You can also present one piece after every right pair is chosen.
A basket of candies is the best prize for this game. You can select from various options to accompany this basket. So, arrange this activity and have a lot of fun on your special day.