Baby Shower Cakes for Boys

Girija Shinde Sep 30, 2018
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Looking for some cool baby shower cakes for boys? Read on to know more about not only the ideas but also the recipes!
Cakes are the central point of any party and when it comes to a baby shower, they are an absolute must! You can make full use of your creativity to make cakes for baby showers. There are loads of creative ideas to make cakes for baby girls but for boys there are only a very few. Here are some easy ideas and recipes.


One of the easy ideas to transform any cake into one meant for a boy is to make use of blue food color.
  • Winnie the Pooh Cake
  • Baby Clothesline Cake
  • Baby Blocks Cake
  • Noah's Ark Cake
  • Peas in a Pod Cake (for twins)
  • Blue Bassinet Cake
  • Rubber Duckie Cake
  • A two-tier cake with a baby at the top

Baby Shower Cake Recipes

It's a Boy Cake

  • Your favorite cake mix, 2 packs
  • White butter-cream icing, 6 cups
  • Blue food coloring
  • Green food coloring
  • Edible confetti
  • Trinkets found at the dollar store (i.e., blue pacifiers, baby bottle, stork decoration, little bears, etc.)
1. Mix the cakes as per the package directions. Pour the batter into two 9 x 13 inch pans that have been greased and floured.

2. Bake until spongy and light. Let cool for a couple of minutes in the oven before moving to wire racks for complete cooling.

3. When the cakes cool completely, lay them side by side and level the tops.
4. Now, prepare the butter-cream icing. You can use your favorite ingredients or you can also use 1 cup butter, 1 cup shortening, 2 teaspoon salt, 6 tablespoons milk, 2 bags powdered sugar, 2 cups almond, and some vanilla extract.

5. Mix together the blue and green icing and set it aside.

6. After the cakes have completely cooled, frost them with butter-cream.
7. Now, spray a large blue circle in the center of the cake using an airbrush or paint brush. Make a pearl border around the edge of the cake using the same.

8. Make small flowers and clouds around the circle. You can add embellishments like rubber ducks and baby clothes.

9. You can write "It's a boy!" with green icing over the circle. Decorate with trinkets.

Blue Baby Bootie Cake

  • White Sheet Cake
  • Swiss Meringue butter-cream
  • Food coloring, as desired for shoe color and other decorative details
  • Apricot or any other fruit as leather, cut into ½ inch wide strips for straps
1. Trim the top of the sheet cake so that it is level to make the booties.

2. Place the trimmed cake on a flat surface and cut out 12 circles from it with the help of a 2½ inch biscuit cutter.

3. For the toe pieces, cut 4 circles horizontally so that they make eight shorter circles. Cut a straight line about an ½ inch from the edge.
4. Take a waxed paper or parchment and place one tall and one short circle on it.

5. Attach the trimmed edge of the shorter circle to the bigger circle with the help of butter-cream. This will make one bootie pair. Repeat the same procedure for other pairs.

6. Apply a thin layer of butter-cream to each piece and give it the shape of a bootie with your hands.
7. Seal it with icing on the top.

8. The crumb coat will need to set, so refrigerate it until it is completely set.

9. Remove the set booties from the refrigerator and cover them with a generous coat of butter-cream.

10. Also, smooth them while you are applying the butter-cream.
11. Take the piping bags and fit the couplers onto them.

12. Fill only half the bags with tinted butter-cream and make designs according to your choice.

13. Refrigerate the booties until they are firm and serve chilled.
After knowing these baby shower cake designs, ideas and recipes, you can start preparing one soon. You can add your creativity to these cute cakes but make sure that you do not change the basic ingredients, as it can change the taste of the cake drastically. However, you can decorate the cake the way you want.