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Transform a Baby Shower Cake With These Charming Wordings

Saptakee Sengupta Feb 15, 2019
You can make your baby shower ceremony more lively and springy with cute baby shower cake wordings. Check out these ideas in this write-up.
The sayings on the baby cake are a token of love for the expectant mother and her baby. Cake wordings should be meaningful, inspiring, and full of happiness. They should make the parents proud and joyous.
You can express your personal feelings for your wife and let her know how happy and lucky you feel to have this special gift from her. Jot all your feelings and tag the leaflet on the cake. Friends and relatives can inscribe their best wishes and blessings on the cake.
You can pen down a note of thanks and lucky wishes to the mother. Invitation quotes can be inscribed for the people attending the gathering. Cute baby shower poems can also be engraved on the cake. The inscriptions as a whole, should make the baby shower ceremony auspicious for the expecting parents.
The wording for girls can be sweet and cute, addressing her as angel or princess. Describe her as pretty, beautiful, innocent. Wording for boys can be prince, cherub or tiny imp depicting his gestures naughty, clever, playful, etc. The quotes must be significant and the words should be full of life. Similar should also be the baby shower invitation wordings.
To have the child, is to have the gift of life!

Lucky parents and lucky baby, with blessings galore!

Your baby, a gift of love from the heaven above!

Welcome baby, you bring in a bundle of joy!

Let Almighty shower all his blessings on your (name) baby!

Naughty prince, come out soon, the world's waiting for you!
Soon the wait gonna be over with the first cry of the little princess. Smiles!

The star gonna be born, may the baby fill your life with sparkles and twinkles

With this bright day, and the bright sun, the sunflower of your life gonna bloom soon, Best wishes to you (name)!

The little cherub, Heaven's gift for the two lovebirds (name)!
Little angel, sleeping inside
waiting to peep
waiting to leap !

Sweet and precious
we are eager to see,
it's your (name) baby,
Belongs only to thee!

The baby brings
joy and fun
Lucky couples
will have another one!
Brave mom
labor's knocking
the baby's gonna crawl
with a soft kicking!

With two little hands, two little toes
Will it be a boy or girl?
No one knows !
The long wait to deliver the baby is gonna end and you should make every effort to make your wife feel special. Felicitate her with these sayings on her baby shower ceremony and let her embrace the unique feeling of motherhood.