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Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Aparna Jadhav Nov 24, 2018
If you are having a baby shower, there are millions of cake ideas, which you can look into, and choose your favorite. Take a look at such personalized ideas mentioned here.
When there is a baby shower, which you have to organize either for someone else or for yourself; the cakes top the list of arrangements, as the occasion is incomplete without them. They come in absolutely any design, formation, and color.
They can be as personalized as you want them to be with many creative ideas. They are very well known for their unique shapes and sizes, frosting, color combinations, wordings, etc. All baby shower cake idea recipes have something different about them. To help you pick your favorite, take a look at some great options mentioned here.

Easy Ideas

The ideas don't have to be complicated and difficult, but they can be simple ones like flowers, strollers, feet, etc. You can have separate ones made for girls and boys, or you can have generalized designs and patterns. Some simple ones include circular, rectangular, and heart-shaped designs. Two-tier and three-tier ideas and cupcakes are innovative as well.

Ideas For A Girl

✔ Use colored frosting and toppings.
✔ Think of designs like angels, fairies, butterflies, stars, flowers, hearts, etc.
✔ If you know that you are going to have a girl, plan for some girly themes.
Make sure to have pink color frosting defining a girl child.
You can carve these designs on ready-made cupcakes as well.
Some other items of which the delicacy can be made include baby feet, dress, stroller, cradle, etc.

Ideas For A Boy

✔ Different colors like yellow, green, purple, and chocolate brown can also be used for frosting.
✔ Blue frosting is ideal for a boy.
✔ If you know you are going to have a boy, plan for some themes related to boys.
Use designs like a diaper, teddy bears, ducklings, airplanes, horses, numbers, etc.
Some other items of which the sweet dish can be made include a bathtub, box, gift basket, milk bottle, animals (turtle, elephant, duck, frog, birds), blocks, crib, etc.

Ideas For Twins

✔ Twins are a bigger bundle of joy, so you can have a two-tier cake.
When you are having twins, there is always an excitement to see them. So have twin themes.

✔ If you know you are going to have twins, you need to plan for something very innovative.
Designs like two babies in one cradle, or two dresses (one pink and the other blue), or four pairs of booties are great choices.
You can also think of patterns like two faces, four feet, babies on the moon, balloons, etc.
Having a baby shower is a wonderful celebration, and with the perfect baby shower cake ideas, there is always more fun added to the party!