Baby Shower Cake Designs

A baby shower is thrown in honor of the mother-to-be and to celebrate the arrival of a new life. All you need is a delicious cake. Here are some great ideas for baby shower cakes.
AptParenting Staff
Last Updated: Jul 4, 2018
A baby shower was initially an all-women affair joined by a few close male relatives. Today, it has become an extravagant affair and a chance for planning a family reunion. There are many cool baby shower themes followed by the expectant parents to make this day special for everyone.
baby shower
One of the main attractions of these baby showers is the cake. The design used for the cake can either have a cute element or a humorous touch.
Cake Design Ideas
There are many unusual ideas that are inexpensive, yet fun. These cakes are not only pleasing to the eye but taste delicious as well.
Miniature Cakes
These small cakes are served to each guest. They can be shaped into square building blocks with a different capital alphabet on each block. You can ask the baker to use the frosting color similar to that of the baby shower theme. The cakes can also be shaped into miniature teddy bears, milk bottles, and rattles.
Quilt Cakes
Fancy cake with sugar cartoon
This cake is shaped in the form of a baby quilt. A vanilla sheet cake is topped with different-colored fondant to make it look like a quilt.
Unique-shaped Cakes
Baby shower cake
Cakes can be designed into a unique shape, such as a baby carriage, a cute baby face, duck, baby shoes, gingerbread man, butterfly, or baby feet. Many bakers offer various designs for the baby shower cakes that go well with the theme as well.
Gift Basket Cakes
For this, a large cake with brown frosting is used as a basket and decorated with a number of colorful cakes that look like goodies in the gift basket.
Belly Cakes
This is the most popular baby shower cake design in which the cake is shaped into a pregnant lady's belly.
Baby Bum Cakes
As the name suggests, this cake looks like the bum of a baby. Details like a diaper and small feet add to the entire look of the cake. The feet can be made from rice Krispies covered with frost.
Cake Flavor Ideas
The following is a list of popular baby shower cake flavors:
  • Cheese Cake
  • Chiffon cake
  • Devil's food cake
  • Pineapple upside down cake
  • Vanilla Cake
Butter Cake
Baby shower cake
Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake
Chocolate Cake
Baby Shower Decoration
Ice Cream Cake
Gourmet Cake
Fruit Cake
Pastry Cake
Sponge Cake
Homemade Tiramisu cake
Strawberry Cake
Strawberry Shortcake
Many bakers offer a variety of diaper cakes you can use for your baby shower. If you know the gender, have the cake colored in pink or blue and shaped into something related to boys or girls. For example, a car or superhero-shaped cake for a boy and a doll or fairy-shaped cake for a girl. These yummy cake designs will make the baby shower unforgettable.