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Baby Names 2018

A name is the very first gift that parents give to their child. It can be after a historical personality or a name that has been carried by the influential members of the family. It can also be the first thing you think of when you see your baby. Of course, picking the right name that fulfills all these criteria is difficult. Here's some help.
AptParenting Staff
Last Updated: Apr 29, 2018
The best part besides the fact that the baby is finally here, is picking a right name for your little boy/girl; something that stands out and does have a good meaning, not to mention, one that sounds good every time you say it.

That's the thing about a name!

You wouldn't want to name your kid something that sounds bizarre or that which will have them turn around one day in disbelief at your choice of the name. So before you choose a name that will be your child's identity for years to come, think it over with your partner before making a choice.
How to Choose a Baby Name
Choosing a name for your child isn't an easy task; it requires a lot of brooding, where you have to keep saying it over and over again, for it to sound befitting. Here are some pointers to help ease the confusion.
Precautions To Be Taken Before Naming Your Baby After Someone
When picking a name, first sort it out in your mind about why you like it, and what it is that you want your child to signify. Is it an old friend's name? A loved one who passed away or someone you promised you'd name your child after? A favorite celebrity, artist or author?

Whatever your reasons are, just make sure it's something your child will be happy about, later. The kid may grow to like an entirely different personality, so the name must also serve its primary purpose.
Your Baby's Name Must Have a Meaning
The best names are the ones that you know the meaning of, and the reason as to why you picked it out for him/her in the first place. There are people who don't know what their name means. How terrible it is! People love their names for the meaning it holds. So the best names are the ones that are meaningful.
It's Not Necessary to Pick a Difficult Name for it to Stand Out.
Choose a name that's simple yet different. It's annoying when someone mispronounces your name. We correct them all the time. Just choose something a little light on the tongue, and something you are happy with.
Is That a Girl Name or a Boy Name?
Countless people around the globe have been asked this question just because their name sounds opposite to their gender. So, while picking a name for your baby, this is a point that you must take into consideration.
Girl Names
Trending Girl Names
a baby girl with a red hat
Here is the list of most popular baby girl names. Some come from the entertainment world while some are evergreen.
  • Ava/Eva
  • Adele
  • Agnes
  • Ariana
  • Arya/ Aria
  • Aurora/ Amara
  • Daenerys
  • Eleanor
  • Emma
  • Hazel
  • Maisie
  • Naomi
  • Rihanna
Here are some other trendy baby girl names that will see the dawn of the new generation...

Abigail Destinee Juniper May Rylie
Amelia Hannah Kennedy Naomi Sadie
Autumn Heidi Layla Nora Savannah
Brooklyn Hilary Lillian Penelope Scarlett
Charlotte Hope Lily Rebecca Skylar
Dakota Isla Maeve Rosabelle Violet
Classic Girl Names
a baby girl face
Here is the list of the classic girl names, some have a good sound to it. Some have stood the test of time and some have a touch of history
  • Adelaide
  • Alice
  • Amelia
  • Angelica
  • Avery
  • Charlotte
  • Claire
  • Clementine
  • Evelyn
  • Jennifer
  • Keira
  • Mila
  • Valentina
Here some other classic names that still embellish the name tags gracefully....

Anna Elizabeth Katherine Nadia Samantha
Aubrey Faith Lillian Norah Serenity
Beverley Grace Madison Pheobe Sophia
Eden Izabella Maria Philippa Victoria
Eleanor Jasmine Maya Ruby Viola
Eliana June Megan Sabina Zara
Boy Names
Trending Boy Names
a baby boy lying on a mattress
Here is the list of the most adorable baby boy names that you have to give a serious thought too....
  • Atticus

  • Brian

  • Bruno

  • Carter

  • Dexter

  • Ethan

  • Harvey

  • Liam

  • Logan

  • Lucas

  • Luke

  • Malcolm

Here are some other trending boy names, because it's always good to have options :

Archie Carson Ezekiel Kayden Miguel
Barack Chase Garette Keegan Nathan
Bentley Dru Graysen Kenrick Owen
Blake Easton Heathcliff Lorenzo Raul
Bojan Eduardo Isaac Maverick Trevor
Brayden Emmett Jeremiah Mateo Troy
Classic Boy Names
a baby boy staring at the camera
Here is the list of some classic names that you could give to your baby boy. Each has an inspiring story behind it something that can act as an ice breaker for him in school.
  • Alexander

  • Arthur

  • Calvin

  • Damien

  • Derek

  • Elias

  • Graham

  • Harrison

  • Holden

  • Jared

  • Leo

  • Lincoln

Here some more classic baby names that you can give your baby boy....

Andrew Emory Leonardo Porter Truman
Anthony Gavin Miles Roman Victor
Brady Grant Morgan Rory Wesley
Caleb Harlan Morris Shane Wyatt
Daniel Henry Myron Spencer Wynford
Edward Joshua Oliver Theodore Zachary
Gender Neutral Names
Trending Gender Neutral Names
a baby boy and a baby girl
Here is a list of the gender neutral names that care currently on the rise .
  • Addison

  • Charlie

  • Dave

  • Drew

  • Dylan

  • Eli

  • Erin

  • Jamie

  • Jessy

  • Kerry

  • Kyle

  • Morgan

Here are some other gender neutral baby names, which are rapidly catching on....

Chayse Keaton Peyton Rumi
Emory Levi Piper Taylor
Joan Milan Reagan Zora
Classic Gender Neutral Names
a baby boy and a girl
Here are some gender neutral names that have stood the test of time and gave an identity to kids from generation.
  • Bradley

  • Casey

  • Gabrielle

  • Harper

  • Jaden

  • Jamie

  • McKenzie

  • Phoenix

  • Quentin

  • Quinn

  • Sean

Here are some other classic gender neutral names that have travel for long and are still going strong.....

Brooklyn Evan Jeremiah Skylar
Cayden Hayden Parker Vivian
Colt Jasper Skye Willow
Remember to think these names out with your partner and see what suits your little one best. A name is something he/she will have to carry around for a very long time; you wouldn't want those names to come off as either funny, silly, or distasteful.