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Baby Hair Accessories

Charming Baby Hair Accessories That'll Make Them Look Angelic

Baby hair accessories are a great way to adorn your baby's beautiful hair. Here are a variety of options to choose from.
AptParenting Staff
Last Updated: Sep 20, 2018
Newborn Baby Girl
Taking care of a baby is a difficult, and yet, one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experience. While raising a child, the parents have to take care of all the needs.
Two twins brothers babies
Today baby products are greatly in demand, which is why most of the manufacturers have made it a point to provide chic and fashionable products of all types - be it a broad category like clothing, or something as specific as hair accessories.
Twin Sisters Looking at Each Other
They include a wide range of products starting from hair bows, headbands, clips, scrunchies, caps, hats, crowns, and tiaras.
Stretching Newborn
Hair bows look really cute on babies, and are definitely very popular. You can pick a color that matches the baby's outfit, or just pick a pink (for a girl) or blue (for a boy) bow.
Baby Ballerina with a Big Floral Bow
Laughing Baby
Baby with a Cute Blue Bow
Baby with Cute Blue Bow
While picking one, make sure it is soft and comfortable for the child. Hair bows can also be personalized with the kid's name or initials, making it look all the more pretty. In case you are willing to spend a little more you can also get a bow studded with precious gemstones or crystals.
Headbands come in various materials starting from cotton, resin, and even plastic. One of the important things to remember is that the headband should not be too tight for the baby. Always prefer a headband that is loose.
Cute Princess with a Floral Headband
Cute Princess
Girl Wearing Lace Headband with Pearls
Girl Wearing Lace Headband
A woolen or cotton hair band is popular, since it is quite comfortable, and causes no harm or stress. Fabric headbands that can be simply wrapped around the head are safer than the ones with elastic.
Hair Clips
Hair clips with cartoon characters, or interesting shapes and colors are quite popular. These clips are also available in various materials and fabrics. They are particularly useful if your baby has slightly long hair that needs to be held back.
Toddler Girl with Floral Clips
Toddler Girl with Floral Clips
Toddler Wearing Cute Clips
Toddler Wearing Cute Clips
Again, prefer softer fabric pins that are not too tight, and have a simple clasp. Avoid metallic hair clips.
Barrettes and Scrunchies
If you thought scrunchies and hair barrettes were meant for ladies, then take a look at the wide range for children.
Baby Girl with Cute Barettes
Baby Girl with Cute Barettes
Laughing Toddler with Red Scrunchies
Laughing Toddler with Red Scrunchies
Interesting shapes, vibrant colors, and innovative patterns can be found for babies. They can make a baby girl look like an angel.
Caps and Hats
In addition to accessories, you can also include amazing caps and hats, which not only look good, but can also be a great way to protect your baby from winds and sun. There exists a wide range of summer caps for babies. Some of the biggest fashion brands, too, have a wide variety of baby caps in stores.
Baby in Panama Hat
Baby in Panama Hat
Baby in Winter Hat
Baby in Winter Hat
Woolen or cotton hats are also quite comforting for infants. They can make any beautiful outfit seem more interesting, and make your little one look more adorable.
Crowns and Tiaras
Little Prince
In case you are looking for something for a special occasion, then there exists a wide range of hair accessories to choose from.
Adorable Sleeping Baby in Purple Crown
Adorable Sleeping Baby
Baby Girl in Cute Blue Tiara
Baby Girl in Cute Blue Tiara
Wedding Tiara With Crystals
A crown for your little king, or a tiara for your princess, will help you get the most amazing photographs to capture some great memories. These can also be used for theme parties.
Things to Remember
  • Do not select accessories that fit too tightly. This can be harmful for the baby.
  • Do not use something that can cause stress to the hair. Babies are very sensitive, and hence, accessories should not cause any kind of irritation or pain.
  • Avoid buying those that are made up of metal or any other harsh materials. Instead, go for softer and safer materials.
  • Always make sure you buy the branded ones which meet the required safety standards.
  • Make sure that they are both functional and beautiful.
So, the next time you buy a cute outfit for your baby don't forget to pair it up with some great hair accessories.