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7 Baby Essentials That Aren't So Essential

7 Baby Essentials That Aren't So Essential
New parents tend to go overboard when buying things for their newborn. However, there are certain 'essentials' that babies can actually live without. To know more about these, go through this AptParenting article.
Anuya Waghmare
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Did You Know?
According to financial experts, the very first year of your child's life can set you back by about $9,000 to $11,000.
Considering how little they are, babies seem to need so much. And if you are a new parent, then the list of things to buy is endless. There are innumerable things available in the market, which are no doubt convenient, and may make your life easier. However, the main question new parents need to ask themselves is whether these so-called baby essentials are really needed, or if you can actually do without these products.
In most cases, parents tend to buy many things that the baby does not need, with the most common being excess clothes. Other than clothes, there are some other things that your baby can do without, and in this AptParenting article, we help you with 7 baby essentials that aren't really essential.
Blackout Curtains
Blackout curtains can help in making a room totally dark, which helps babies sleep peacefully during the day. These curtains also ensure that the little one does not wake up at the crack of dawn, or at the slightest disturbance. However, the only problem with these curtains is that babies get used to sleeping in a totally dark room.
This makes it difficult when parents travel on a holiday, or while visiting family and friends. Blackout curtains are one of those 'essential' things that a baby can really do without.
Though this may seem essential to most parents, cribs are another seemingly essential item that babies can do without. Cribs are where new parents spend a huge amount of money. In spite of the expense involved in buying cribs, most new parents end up buying even more than one.
Babies grow out of cribs very quickly, and spending heavily on one is just a bad idea. A bassinet or a Moses basket is good enough, though babies tend to grow out of these quickly as well. After a few months, cribs will just take up additional space in your home.
Fluffy Blankets
Baby With Fluffy Blankets
New parents usually tend to get plenty of these blankets, either as gifts, or just because they like the feel of them. One or two is fine, however, stacking these fluffy blankets is certainly not needed. And, babies hardly ever use any of these. Instead, the blankets just take up space. Fluffy blankets are another classic item that parents think are essential, but are actually not.
Brain Boosters
Brain Boosters
These days, there are many toys, books, and videos that claim to be educational entertainment for infants. Most parents fall for these marketing ploys, and buy them. However, babies will not play with, or pay attention to these for more than 2 - 5 seconds. Most babies are curious by nature, and will want to explore or observe their surroundings. Books and videos are surely something that can be counted in the I-thought-was-essential-but-is-not list.
Excess Clothes
Baby Clothes
New parents tend to go overboard when buying clothes for their infant. Taking photographs of infants in matching clothes and shoes is really cute, but the line should be drawn somewhere. Remember that babies do not care for appearances, and will tend to spoil, unintentionally, of course, whatever they wear. Additionally, they will grow out of these clothes extremely fast.
10 different outfits that focus more on making them look good, but which might be uncomfortable is a no no. However cute parents may want their infant to look, excess clothes is another essential that these poor infants can do without.
Baby Monitors
Baby Monitors
Though it might seem strange to see baby monitors in this list, it is true to an extent. A baby monitor, though a handy device, can never match a mother's instinct of protectiveness to her baby. Also, with baby monitors, the risk of mechanical and electrical failure is always present, rendering them useless, but worse, parents tend to rely on these devices, which can be a problem in case of any malfunction. Instead of using them, parents can sleep in the same room as the baby, or the next room.
Baby Bathtubs
Baby Bathtubs
Though most parents want the best for their newborn, buying a bathtub for a baby is just not practical. Firstly, it will hardly ever be used, and when it is, it will need to be cleaned, and stored somewhere. Also, the baby will outgrow it in just a couple of months, making a bathtub the last of the essential things that babies can do without.
Of course, some of the items on this list may be needed at some point or the other, but just buying all of them because a baby is on the way is foolishness. Take time to bond with your baby and enjoy this new experience which you will never get back.