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Baby Boy Shower Themes

Aishwarya Nirmal Mar 12, 2019
If thought over carefully, one can come up with numerous shower themes for a baby boy. They may seem a little complicated to arrange in the beginning, but can turn out to be brilliant if enough creativity is used while planning.
A baby shower is an age-old American tradition for welcoming the to-be-born baby. A baby shower event is mostly women-oriented. However recently, even men have started taking an active part in the celebration.
Some follow the tradition of having a baby shower before the baby's birth whereas some have it after the birth of the baby. Nowadays, to make the party more interesting, the hosts plan themes for the shower. The guests are requested to dress and present gifts according to the theme.
If you know that your friend is going to have a baby boy, you must be planning to celebrate her joy in style. However, the question is what are the baby shower themes suitable for a boy.
There are numerous things which boys absolutely love and these make good themes for a baby shower party. So, just read on and pick one which suits you the best and celebrate the arrival of the baby boy merrily.

Baby Shower Themes for a Baby Boy

Sports Theme

A very obvious baby shower theme for boys will be a sports one. This can be a very convenient theme from the point of view of arrangement. Invitations can be sent out on toy baseballs/footballs. Guests can be requested to dress up in sports costumes. The baby shower cake, games, gifts, etc., can be easily arranged as per this theme.

Profession Theme

The theme can be set according to what the parents wish for their baby to become in the future like doctor, pilot, etc. If they wish their child to become a doctor, a hospital theme can be arranged. If they wish him to become a pilot, aviation theme can be done. The guests can dress up like doctors and nurses; or they can wear pilot and air hostess costumes.

Cars/Bikes Theme

Whatever guys grow up to become, they have an immortal love for cars and bikes. Bearing this in mind, the theme can be set for the baby shower. The guests can be asked to dress up like bikers or racers. The gifts they get, the food and games can all reflect this theme easily.

Technological Theme

Guys are crazy about technology. They have a liking for gadgets like PCs, laptops, mobiles, disc-mans, iPods, watches, etc. The food and game arrangements for this cool baby shower theme, can be made accordingly. For the costumes, the guests can wear overalls and overcoats imitating a techie who has invented these modern gadgetry wonders.

Musical Instruments Theme

Some guys love music and learn to play some or the other musical instruments. In case musical genes run in the family, there is a high probability that the child will inherit it. So, arranging a musical theme makes sense with the invitations sent in the musical notes format and guests dressing up as singers, pianists, guitarists, etc.

Video Games Theme

The most unique baby shower theme for a boy can be a video game theme. Choose the most recent and famous video games in the market and set it as the baby boy shower theme. The guests can dress up like the characters of the video games.

Storybook Theme

Selecting a storybook theme can be another unique baby shower theme idea. Stories like Harry Potter, Peter Pan, The Chronicles of Narnia, etc., can become the theme for the baby shower. Guests can dress up and the decorations can be done according to the story. You can also choose books like Rudyard Kipling's Kim or sci-fi like Time Machine for your theme.

Superhero Theme

Generally, a superhero theme can make a very good environment for the shower party. Guests can dress up as superheroes and get superhero dolls, comics, etc. as gifts. The rest of the arrangements can be made accordingly.
Superman and Batman are the most popular superheroes and make a perfect choice for a theme party. You can decorate the party room as bat cave or Lex Luthor's den.

Mystery Theme

Everyone loves a good mystery. Boys especially can't let the chance of playing detective and exposing a secret plot pass. So, what better theme there can be than a secret party that is held in a secret room in a cloak and dagger style. Guests can dress up as odd characters and play the role of witnesses to the crime, drawing enough suspicion upon themselves.
The crime can be the theft of a priceless necklace from the party. Ask the guest of honor to be the detective. Give her enough clues and prompt in the right direction for her to figure the real jewelry thief.

Star Theme

Is your friend waiting for the arrival of her 'little star'? Then, throw a surprise party for her and welcome the baby with some starry decorations. Decorate the room with star cutouts, star shaped fairy lights or star lanterns and also have enough stardust (glitter) lying around.
Make arrangements for party supplies that are in accordance with the theme. For finishing touches, the food could be in the shape of celestial bodies and stars.

Big Cat Theme

Love the roar of King of the jungle? Then why not have a shower themed after these exquisite creatures that prowl the forests. You can use this idea as a jungle theme and decorate the room with tree cutouts and plants. Don't be afraid to take out the leopard print dress from the closet. You can also have an animal shaped cake, preferably a tiger or a bobcat.

Library Theme

There are many who are bitten by the reading bug. If the mamma-to-be is also infected by this thoroughly useful and enjoyable malady, then you can opt for a reading club theme for her shower. Decorate the place with old posters of books or promotional stickers of authors.
Stack up books around the place to bring out the feeling of an old library. Put up a poster of 'Silence Please' and of course, you don't have to obey it. Have the cake in the shape of a book. The guests can give books as presents to the guest of honor.
With creative decorations and careful planning, a baby boy shower party can be made interesting. Mostly, a baby shower is thrown by a close friend or relative and the arrangements are made according to the parents-to-be's wishes.
Giving a baby shower party to the expecting couple is a way of assuring them that the family and baby are cared for and appreciated by all well-wishers.