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Art for Babies: Wonderful Ideas to Decorate Your Little One's Room

Art for Babies
For all the new parents out there looking for some interesting ideas on art for their baby's room, here are a few that you can derive inspiration from to decorate the nursery of the apple of your eye.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
With the (impending) arrival of your newborn, there are so many things you would want to do. Among the many important things to do is to decorate her/his room! If you already have a child, both of you can engage in some great activities to come up with something original for the nursery. You could also create the artwork yourself, purchase it from outside, or allow your little one to grow up and make something together. Here are some creative ideas for arts and crafts to decorate your little one's room with:
Hand Print Art
Having your little one's hand prints captured is not only a beautiful memory, but also makes for great wall art for her/his room. Not only hand prints, but also footprints can do the trick, and framing the two together would be a fantastic idea. For this, paint a large stretch of canvas in a bright color. Make safe paints by adding a few drops of food coloring (contrasting the background color) to some light corn syrup. Dip your baby's hands in it, and have her/him make a collage of her/his hand prints all over the canvas. You can do the same with the footprints by having her/him walk all over the canvas after dipping her/his feet in the paint. Frame it, and you have a gorgeous piece of art for your little one's room.
Letter Art
For babies who are not old enough to create decorations for their own rooms, you can use wooden letters of different sizes to create an interesting piece of art, along with other elements. This is one of the best ideas for decorating the nursery. It looks great when you have her/his name spelled out in these wooden letters, embellished with other decorative elements. Since these letters are easily available, putting them up on a bright-colored wall with interesting designs will just add the right amount of style to the little one's room.
Shredded Paper Art
This is an interesting piece of art that you can create with your little one. Sit with your baby, and shred crepe papers of different colors till you have a large heap of shreds. Make safe glue by mixing the cooled liquid remaining from curdled milk (can be made by heating milk and adding vinegar to it), some baking soda, and warm water. The more water you add, the thinner the glue will be. Spread this glue on the cardboard, and just toss the shredded paper on it. Allow it to dry overnight, and you will have a masterpiece created by your little one ready to be put up! This piece of art can be framed and used as it is, or as a background for a collage of photographs of your baby!
Clip Art
Clip art is another great choice. These are available in the market in several shapes and designs in the form of 3-D stickers, that actually look quite realistic. These stickers are available in the form of flowers, colorful trees, baby faces, butterflies, cute animals such as rabbits, owls, and squirrels, and a host of other objects and shapes. When placed strategically, these stickers add that extra something to the room to complete it.
Some More Ideas
Other items of art you can use are nursery wall decals, paintings made by you that are symbolic of the coming of your child, or simply colorful objects to stimulate your baby's mind. You could make or buy posters meant for babies, with cute quotes and sayings that are personalized. A photo collage of your child, or you and your child, is another great idea. Art for a baby's room can also be based on the themes you decide to follow while decorating. In effect, any piece of art that will not only add to the decor of the nursery, but will also be a memory of all the things she/he did as a little one, can be created and preserved for a lifetime. Even if it is an irregularly-shaped piece of clay, bring it to life by painting it. So go ahead and have fun decorating your baby's room!
Photo Collage of Baby and Mother
Green Colored Baby Room
Nursery with Letters on the Wall