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Anger Management Techniques for Kids and Teens

Ajanta Bhattacharyya Oct 4, 2018
Is your kid becoming very unruly and aggressive? Here, you'll find some anger management techniques to teach your kids.
You must have noticed your kids or teens throwing objects, out of anger, or fighting with his/her friends over petty matters.
As a parent, you may be tired of hearing complaints from the teachers about your child's aggressive behavior towards classmates. If you are worried about what to do to control your kid's temper, don't lose heart. There are various anger management techniques, which may help you control and calm down your kids.
Anger is a common human emotion, which has a negative impact on one's life. Generally, it arises due to unfulfilled desires or expectations. Kids and teens tend to release tension through aggressive behavior. A small amount of anger is healthy and essential for survival. However, excess of it can harm the body as well as mind.

Symptoms of Anger

● Threatening
● Verbal abuse
● Selfishness
● Vengeance
● Bullying
● Unjust blaming

Techniques for Anger Management

Make a list of dos and don'ts to be followed by your children. Lessons in good behavior can stress on the need to give up unruly behavior, the merits of self-control, and compromise rather than confrontation and conflict. The following anger management tips for children will be useful in helping them to control their anger.


Relaxation techniques like deep breathing (breath-in and breath-out technique) and meditation, can calm children. This will help them to reduce irritability. For this, they'll have to lie down and perform this deep breathing exercise. Let them repeat the word 'relax', while taking a deep breath. Meditation is another way to diminish the negativity.


Teach your kids to visualize beautiful, green scenery and feel the cool air. For this, they have to lie down, loosen the body muscles, close their eyes, and visualize. This technique will help them to develop control over their anger.

Good Parenting

It is often said "to err is human; to forgive is divine." So, teach your children about the importance of forgiving others. Be friendly and tell them to let go of negativity. Give them time and shower them with love and affection.

Listen to your Child

Show willingness to hear what your teens demand from you. Listen to their problems and complaints. Show eagerness in solving their issues. Teach them how tolerance can help them control their anger.


Divert the kids towards their favorite hobbies, such as singing, gardening, dancing, painting, stamp collection, etc. These constructive activities provide satisfying diversion, and can help reduce the aggression.

Be Assertive

Instruct your wards to express their feelings and desires without demanding or offending the rights of others. Train them to be assertive rather than being offensive, which may hurt other persons.

Stress Management

Is your teens' anger getting out of control? If yes, then it is time to teach them some stress management skills to avoid stress and anxiety. To cope with unhappiness, teach them to accept anger as an obstruction to success, and encourage them to share their feelings with peers. Besides, they should also learn to see their own mistakes.

Sense of Humor

A sense of humor may also help your children to overcome annoyance. Sometimes, it works like the best medicine. Teach them to develop a sense of humor, and take things lightly. This will prevent them from taking things too seriously.
These techniques may help you to control your kids' temper, as unmanaged anger can end up being harmful to society. Therefore, it is important to help your children learn how to cope with pressure and hostile feelings from an early stage.