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Cool African Names for Boys

Kritika Parwani Mar 2, 2019
African names for boys are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to include their culture and heritage in the meaning of their name. These names and their meanings are unique as well as exotic.
When it comes to naming a child, most people want to select something that is unique and has a great meaning. A name becomes an identity for each one of us. The birth of a child is a beautiful and joyous occasion and in most cultures, names are selected to reflect traditions and roots.
Like other cultures, African cultures also give a lot of importance to naming of a child. In African culture, it is believed that the chosen baby name will exert an influence on the life of the child and his personality.
If you are looking for African names for boys, choose a unique baby name which has a distinct meaning, and which would describe his personality, or the kind of person you would like him to be.
Africa consists of various ethnic groups and names and their meanings are based on different beliefs, ranging from religious to tribal beliefs. They can be of Arabic, English, French or Dutch origin. Most traditional names are based on the circumstances that surround the birth, the day the baby was born, the timing of the baby's birth or on a virtue.

Male African Names and their Meanings

Names by Trait

  • Abimbola - Born to be rich
  • Ali - Noble or exalted
  • Alpha - Leader
  • Ayo - Happiness
  • Azizi - Beloved or precious one
  • Baas - Master
  • Bohlale - Wisdom
  • Cheikh - Learned
  • Dalmar - Versatile
  • Danso - Reliable
  • Daudi - Beloved
  • Dia - Champion
  • Din - Great
  • Faraji - Consolation
  • Gamba - Warrior
  • Harith - Cultivator
  • Jabari - Brave, fearless
  • Jayvyn - Light spirit
  • Jelani - Mighty
  • Matata - Troublemaker
  • Naeem - Benevolent
  • Razi - Secret
  • Runako - Handsome
  • Salim - Peace
  • Sulaiman - Peaceful
  • Tabansi - One who endures
  • Uba - Wealthy
  • Zareb - Protector

Spiritual Names

  • Adom - God's blessing
  • Abdullah - Servant of God
  • Azekel - Praising the Lord
  • Chiamaka - God is splendid
  • Chike - Power of God
  • Issa - Messiah
  • Jaja - God's gift
  • Uchechi, Uchi - God's will
  • Yesuto - Belongs to Jesus
  • Yobachi - Pray to God

Names Denoting Time

  • Kwesi, Sisi - Born on Sunday
  • Kojo - Born on Monday
  • Bobo, Kwabena - Born on Tuesday
  • Kwaku - Born on Wednesday
  • Hanisi, Khamisi - Born on Thursday
  • Juma, Kofi - Born on Friday
  • Atu, Kwame, Kwami - Born on Saturday
  • Badru - Born on a full moon night
  • Daren, Othieno - Born at night
  • Haji - Born during Hajj
  • Mwaka - Born on new year's eve
  • Nadif - Born between two seasons

Family-oriented Names

  • Akia - First-born child
  • Manu, Poni, Pili - Second-born child
  • Mensah - Third-born child
  • Fodjour - Fourth-born child
  • Essien - Sixth-born son
  • Nkrumah, Nkruma - Ninth-born child
  • Badu - Tenth-born child
  • Ata, Oko - Twin
  • Mosi, Ulan, Hassan, Odion, Zesiro - First-born twin
  • Kato - Second-born twin
  • Okello- Born after twins
  • Gogo - Like grandfather
These were just a few ideas for African names. While selecting an African baby name, be it for boys or for girls, keep in mind that you want a name that has a beautiful meaning, but is also not very hard to pronounce as this is the name that your baby will have for the rest of its life. So go ahead and pick one that you think will suit your bundle of joy!