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Advice for New Parents

Advice for New Parents

This article gives some useful advice to new parents, which is sure to come handy while raising and taking care of a newborn. Read on ...
Aastha Dogra
"To become a mother is one of life's greatest blessings. It is a lifelong event that forever changes you. Becoming a mother changes your heart, your thoughts, and your actions. However, you may soon wish you had a few extra hands." - Anonymous

Such quotes very aptly describe the dilemma which many parents face when they have a baby. Parenting is the most rewarding feeling for any person; at the same time, it can be the most challenging. We'll now look at a few tips, which will help parents cope with the situation in a better way.

Helpful Tips

Be Supportive of Your Partner
Pregnancy can be overwhelming for both the parents. The woman, due to the various hormonal and bodily changes, tends to become extra sensitive and emotional. The man on his part, feels tied down and unable to lead the life of independence he is so comfortable with. So, it's up to both the partners to understand and support each other. The man should become more responsible, sharing the baby's responsibility and household work with the woman, while the woman should be appreciative of whatever the man is trying to do for her and the baby.

Take Infant Care Classes
Take these classes. They tell you exactly how to handle a newborn, bathe him, change his clothes, feed him, etc. Take up these classes so that you are better equipped to handle your baby when he comes home.

Take Help
As everybody knows, pregnancy and childbirth can be really tiring. If at this point of time, you have some close friends and family members who are willing to help, do not feel hesitant. Also, women who have had children earlier understand what you are going through. So, you can even take some informative advice from them on how to cope up with this new situation.

Stock Food
Before you begin labor, make sure that you go grocery shopping. You can even prepare meals in advance and freeze them. By doing this, once out of the hospital and in your home, you will not have to depend on food ordered from restaurants. These meals and the stocked food will also help your better half to take care of himself.

Take Adequate Sleep and Rest
It is very important that the mother gets her share of sleep. However, with the baby having haphazard sleep timings, the mother is sometimes not able to get her quota of sleep in the night. So, to counter this, it is advised that the mother should sleep whenever the baby sleeps.

Undertake Stress Management
Sometimes, a disturbed sleeping cycle, coupled with the baby's constant screams and crying, can take its toll on your mental health. So, in order to maintain calm and peace within yourself, you can incorporate certain stress management techniques such as meditation, in your daily routine.

Work on Your Relationship
When both the parents are taking care of the baby, they usually do not get time for one another. Sex is relegated to the background. Going out together with a newborn is not an option either. The only things that you will be worried about is your baby's food, sleep, and the next appointment with the doctor. At this point, it is important for both the partners to keep their communication strong. Along with the baby, taking care of each other's needs is equally important to build a strong relationship.

Enjoy It
While you are experiencing all these changes and trying your level best to set things right, there will be times when you would just want to cry out of frustration. At times, in his small ways, your baby will bring in happiness which is completely unknown to you. Here, it is advised you take all the lows and highs in your stride, and simply enjoy every moment of the madness.

Here's hoping that equipped with these parenting tips, you are now in a better position to deal with this situation positively. All the best!
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