Advantages of Daycare

Wondering whether a daycare is the ideal choice for your child? This article lists some advantages of a daycare, which will help you make an informed decision.
AptParenting Staff
Thanks to daycare centers, now both the parents can pursue their careers, without feeling obliged to give them up, in order to take care of their kids. Many a time, it is women who are expected to make such sacrifices, leading to a lesser availability of finance, and lesser satisfaction with one's life. With daycare centers coming to the rescue, parents can look forward to creating a much happier home. Let's see how.
Convenience for Parents
Daycare centers make parenting easy. Firstly, unlike a nanny who might take leave for a day or two or even more, daycare centers are never closed. So, parents do not need to scurry around looking for last-minute babysitters. Secondly, a good nanny is a luxury these days. Daycare centers will save a lot of bucks for parents, which can be used in some child development activities.
Safer Environment
A daycare, any day, provides a much safer environment to the child. With a nanny, the parents need to always keep a check as to whether she is treating the child properly or not. This happens because she's alone with him most of the time. This can cause a lot of worry to parents as there have been instances in the past wherein nannies have abused children due to the stress they feel while raising them up, thus compromising on child safety. Daycare centers, on the whole, have a very structured environment. The staff, caregivers, and everybody else who deals with children, is constantly monitored. A daycare even needs a license to operate, which is given only after a thorough inspection. Thus, one of the biggest advantages is the safety they provide to the child.
Trained Professionals
Most centers hire trained staff, who have an education in 'early childhood'. This means that the child is in safe hands, as the staff there already knows about the development needs of the child, and is thus, able to fulfill them convincingly.
Intellectual and Motor Development of the Child
One of the foremost advantages is that a host of activities such as singing, painting, dancing, poetry reciting, story telling, that are conducted for kids on an everyday basis, ultimately leads to creative and intellectual development of the child. Participating in these activities, develops the child's motor skills too.
Aids in Socialization
In a day care center, the kids constantly interact with other kids, and more staff. With a nanny, a child learns in isolation, so later when he goes to school, he might not feel very comfortable around other kids. Daycare centers, on the other hand, provide him with a classroom environment.
When a parent contemplates to send his child to a daycare, he should look at both, the advantages as well as its disadvantages. Some of their disadvantages are: high penalty for late pick-ups, or having to undertake child care themselves during holidays. Also, the child does not get as much attention as he otherwise would with a nanny.