These Activities for 2 Year Olds Promise Great Fun at Home

Fun Activities for 2 Year Olds At Home
Are you looking for some activities for 2 year olds at home for the rainy days? Read this article to get some ideas on fun activities for the kids.
AptParenting Staff
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
There are a number of activities 2 year olds can be engaged in to keep them occupied and help in their learning and overall growth. The kids have different likes and dislikes according to their age and interests. So, the activities that can be performed at home can be designed depending on their preferences, by the parents. These activities will not only be a source of fun for the kids, but will also help in the development of linguistic intelligence and motor skills. Here are some activities that can be conducted at home and will surely contribute towards the overall development and growth of a child.

Educational Activities

Here are some of the good learning activities from the educational point of view. This age is the best for the kids to grasp and learn things through audio-visual aids.

Crawling to the ABCs
  • Alphabets stencils of big size
  • Clear contact papers
This activity helps introduce the child to the world of alphabets. Get the alphabet stencils of big size either from the educational store or from any local store. Then, scatter all the alphabet stencils on the floor of the room. The alphabets should be randomly placed so that the child learns to individually recognize them. Cover the stencils with the help of clear contact papers and watch your child crawling to each letter. As they reach an alphabet, introduce these letters.

Chalk the Walk
  • Colored chalk
  • Alphabets and numbers
  • Pictures of animals
Mark an area in the driveway or on any other surface that is washable. Give your kid a bag full of alphabets and animal pictures. Draw some alphabets, numbers and animal pictures on the surface. Call out any one at a time and ask your child to walk to that picture and keep the identical image or the letter on that place. This kind of activities give an opportunity to learn the alphabets and numbers without any burden of books. This will also help develop and increase their interest in learning these.

Family Rocks
  • Rocks
  • Colors
Collect some rocks along with the kid from the garden. The number of rocks should be equal to the number of members in the family. Now you have two options, either color the rocks to give them a look of each individual or write the name of each member on the rocks. Decorate the rocks in the house or place them near the entrance.

Rainy Day Activities
Given below are some rainy day activities that provide ample opportunities for the kids towards learning and development while having fun.

Fingerprint Art
  • Chart paper
  • Water colors or stamp pads
  • Markers
Though the child is not able to draw any picture at this age. But with little assistance from parents, the child can make beautiful flowers, hearts, birds and a lot more with the help of his little fingers converted into different color pads. However, make sure that you use non-toxic colors and stamp pads.

Cook Soup
  • Mixing bowl
  • Spoon
  • Eatable that you are using for dinner
Kids love working with their moms, especially in the kitchen. Cooking helps keep them engaged during rainy days. Give them a bowl and a spoon. Pour little water into it. Give them something to mix or ask them to prepare some mixture on their own, under your guidance. Ask them to stir it for long to make it more delicious and then taste it. Though it might not taste good at all, but the kids will have a lot of fun.

Treasure Hunt
  • Toys
  • Dresses
Collect all the favorite toys of the kid and the dresses that he or she likes most. Count them according to the categories like animals, cars, dresses, etc. Now close the door and keep the child out of the room until you hide all the things and then ask the kid to search for them and keep checking the number of items that are remaining.

So, I hope that these activities will be good enough to engage you child for some time as well as be a source of learning. But make sure that while conducting these activities at home, a grown-up or parents are around the kid to avoid any kind of accident or mishap and to take care of child safety. Apart from these activities, you can also develop some activities, keeping in mind the behavior and interests of the kid.
Child mixing the icing for cake
Little girl doing fingerprint art at home