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Activities for 1 Year Olds

Mamta Mule Sep 29, 2018
Here are some activities for 1 year olds, full of fun and learning. This will keep your kid active and he/she will grow up learning new things.
You can have a lot of fun with your one year old throughout the day. If you include some fun-filled activities for 1 year olds, the day will be filled with excitement and laughter. It is also essential for the physical and mental health of babies and toddlers. You don't want your child to be dull.
Making them bright, active, and helping them not get bored or cry throughout the day is just easy with addition of these activities in their routine.

Best Indoor and Outdoor Activities


Kids love scribbling. Be it crayons, pens, or pencils. Give them a piece and they'll start off. Instead of scolding them for scribbling on the walls and other objects, help them explore the world of colors and shapes and let them enjoy.
All you can do is lay a large clean old sheet on the floor and place a lot of drawing papers, crayons, and pencils over it and let your kid enjoy scribbling over. Teaching him/her to use only the given area as the canvas is definitely a good idea.

Nature Walks

Children can easily get bored. Take them for walks so that they can enjoy the outside world. Let them get that fresh air, look at the world, and have fun.
Take them to a beach or a jungle and teach them about flowers, leaves, sand, water, shells, etc., and let them explore those precious elements of nature.

Park Play and Rides

One-year olds simply love to move around and roll over. Take your kid to a play park for maximum fun.
Baby swings, slides, and other small playground equipment are truly exciting for them. Also, go to a park full of grass and let them play there with kids of their age. They will also love to ride on toy autos like motorcycles, train, and car. You can also pick other toys that will let them learn and enjoy.

Balloon Fun

If you are scared that a rubber or plastic ball will hit and hurt your little kid, get those balloons. These are best for indoor play and loved by kids.
Have 6-8 blow-up balloons in the play room and let them enjoy going behind those and have fun watching those tiny hands trying to hold the balloons. What's more, with colorful balloons, you'll be able to teach them various colors as well. Pat it upwards and see your child trying to catch it. This will improve their hand-eye coordination.
Well, remember that you strictly stay around while your kids play with balloons, as they become choking hazards when they pop. So, take away those popped pieces and also teach your kid not to eat these.

Who Am I?

This is a fun learning activity that can teach a lot of things to your kid. Well, no matter whether your kid has started talking by now or not yet, with these activities, he/she can learn and identify a lot of things.
Teach your kid names of various objects and organs, like eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc. One by one they can learn to identify a lot of things. So, you can hold an item and ask who am I and the kid answers with name of the object. Even if he/she can't talk, he/she will point out the objects as you take the names.
With the mentioned activities, your kid is sure to benefit and enjoy the day, so will you. Apart from fun and enjoyment, these will help them get knowledge and learn the basic manners as well. You must plan to add a range of such activities in your kid's routine, as these are essential for proper child development.