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8 Hollywood's Strictest Celebrity Parents

Carlos Welsh Jul 20, 2019
Parenting is not easy at all. You should know that it is pretty hard for every parent despite good finances and grandparents ready to help whenever needed. There is no surprise that most parents get a bit overly authoritarian – but what is the other way to keep your child safe and sound in this crazy world?

Mariah Carey

Even though Carey's twins are pretty young, they already know what strict discipline feels like. The famous singer does not want her kids to grow up spoiled, and the best way to raise them good and polite is to start from an early age. As she said in one of her interviews, kids already know that whenever mom raises her voice, they are doing something wrong.

David and Victoria Beckham

It is fair to say that both celebrity parents – David and Victoria – were raised in a pretty much severe environment. Obviously, they are continuing this traditional parenting for their own kids.
Thus, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper have never been noticed behaving badly in public, which is a rare thing for a famously known family.

Always looking like a picture from a fashion magazine cover, Beckham family is as smooth and well-mannered where they are not followed by paparazzi.
David keeps mentioning that they are teaching kids to be respectful to others and to learn the value of the money and the price of fame.


This is one of the surprises we mentioned at the beginning. When you look at all the scandals Madonna is being spotted at, from time to time, you would never expect she would be a strict mommy. But for sure she is. The public already knows that her kids are not allowed to eat sugar at all.
Daily chores are not done by maids though – Madonna is raising her kids as unaided individuals. There was even a story once when her older daughter would throw her clothes around and had to go to school in one and the same outfit until she learned the lesson, all things should be at their places and you have to earn them.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Can you imagine raising six kids while being one of the most claimed and well-paid actors? This is pretty tough, but there is nothing impossible for former Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
Just like with Beckhams, this family always looks and behaves exemplary. Yet, if there is any moment of misbehavior, Brad is ready to be a ‘bad cop’. As usual, girls are closer to their mother, and boys tend to spend more time with their father. And with discipline they were raised since the young age, these kids know how to behave.

Bill Gates

Do you think his kids’ life is a fairytale filled with technologies and gadgets? Billionaire and Microsoft founder believes kids are not ready and responsible enough for a personal phone until they are 13 years old – it was only at that time his three kids were able to get their own phones. Pretty strict, right?
Once his kids finally got independence and their own devices, they are still kept under control. Looking through their phone activities with the help of parenting supervision apps, controlling the internet usage and banning sites that are inappropriate for kids is a norm at Gates family.

Gwyneth Paltrow

She is being discussed over and over again for being another tyrant at home. Her two kids, Apple and Moses, are forbidden to have junk food.
Leading a healthy lifestyle, mommy prepares food for them by herself. Also, wanting her children to speak several languages, Paltrow allows them to watch favorite cartoons only in French or Spanish. Well, at least it is better than being a Madonna’s kid, right?

Michelle and Barack Obama

Obamas are not Hollywood celebs, but we could not skip them and their way of raising kids. Forget the childhood images, they aren't as careless as you imagine them. Michelle restricts her daughters’ internet usage and controls their phones.

They are allowed to watch TV 6 hours a week, and most of their time is for studies. A decent life to make dad proud.

Jessica Alba

Another healthy lifestyle maniac mommy. Besides only cooking healthy, well-balanced meals for her daughters, Haven and Honor, Jessica despite being sweet and caring, is strict. In case a child misbehaves she will not get a young age as excuse.

Alba once mentioned that daughters are being sent to the corner for breaking the rules since they are able to walk.