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5 Things Parents Should Stop Doing to Their Kids

multazim shaikh Jul 18, 2019
Here are a few of the things every parent should always avoid doing, so that their children do not turn out to being lazy, fat, sick and demotivated.

Allowing Them to Sit Infront of TV

Children should not be exposed to TV or mobiles for a longer time. This may damage their eyesight, or even make the eyesight weak.

Allowing Kids to Have Unhealthy Foods

Now-a-days there is a growing trend among kids, of eating fast food almost daily. The packed foods consist of high amount of salts. This makes children suffer from face fat and they also tend to gain weight.

Using Bottles to Feed the Kids

Many mothers do not breastfeed their kids due to health issues and various other reasons. They try to feed milk to kids from the bottles. According to a study, it is proved that kids breastfed by their mothers, have lesser chances of developing obesity.

Neglecting Physical Activities

Parents should encourage their children for outdoor activities, instead of restricting them to stay inside their homes only. Parents should support their children and encourage them to learn new activities such as swimming, skating, cricket, etc.

Avoiding Regular Check-ups

Parents should keep a track of the growth of their children. It is the responsibility of the parent to take their kids for regular check-ups. Keeping a note of their height and weight is very important in order to avoid any future health issues.

Some Other Things to Consider:

Stop Yelling at Them in Public

Always try to be polite and kind to your kids. Yelling at them in public is a very bad thing to do, and this poses a bad impression towards your kids.

Don’t Allow Them to Giveup

Give up is never the solution. They always need your support. Give them a proper direction, try to talk about their weakness and find out the solutions.