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3 Tier Diaper Cake

3 Tier Diaper Cake

Making a diaper cake with three layers requires some patience. The various steps involved are elaborated in this article.
Saptakee Sengupta
three Tier Diaper Cake
You will find diaper cakes being gifted on baby shower ceremonies as they are believed to bring good luck. Different ideas are implemented and creative techniques are applied to bake this cake. A 3 tier diaper cake is made by assembling numerous diapers and then stacking one over the other. The entire process will take substantial time if it's your first attempt. Let's find out the steps involved.


Step 1
The basic things required are ― a cardboard to support the base, an adjustable double-sided tape, rubber bands, and a few small-sized dowels. Since the cake will contain 3 levels, the first one or the base will contain maximum number of diapers arranged in a circular fashion. The middle tier will have lesser number and the topmost will have the least. This estimate has to be done beforehand so that the layers get properly stacked.

Step 2
Take out the diapers from the box and start rolling them. Tie the rolls with rubber bands so that they do not open up. Once you are done with the rolling, start making the base of the tier. Set one diaper beside another to make a circle. The base should have a large diameter so that it can hold the remaining levels. You will require at least 44 diapers to make at least 3 layers. Then tie a big rubber band around each tier to provide additional support. This step completes the first layer.

Step 3
Attach a dowel at the center of the base for securing the next layer on top of it. The second tier will comprise 23 diapers rolled and placed in succession. To make the cake more creative you can use separate colors for each diaper. The position of the second tier is important and if you fail to secure it, the entire cake might get spoiled. The base of the middle portion is placed exactly over the second layer of the first level. The middle tier will contain 2 layers that will be wrapped with a rubber band. The dowel clip will hold it firmly over the first tier. The next step shall complete the framework of the cake.

Step 4
The topmost level will contain nine diapers. Roll the diapers once again and follow the process as described in step 2 for making. Once the tier is ready, you will have to fix it to the middle tier with the help of a dowel. Attach the base to the second layer of the middle tier and with this the framework of the entire cake is completed. Make sure that the tiers are fixed properly and they should not get dismantled.

Step 5
Now, the decoration of your cake should complement the theme of the occasion. Collect colorful ribbons for wrapping around each level. Attach a double-sided tape around each tier and then glue the ribbons on it. The ribbons will also hide the rubber bands. Decorate the cake with baby cards, bells, chocolates, and toys by securing them neatly on the cake. Keep floral themes on baby shower ceremonies.