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15 Budget Friendly Fall Activities for the Whole Family

William Brown Nov 8, 2019
Running short of ideas to keep the kids happily busy? Learn all the neat ideas and tips to make the fall activities fun, not only for the kids but the entire family.


Fall has arrived and with it comes cooler weather, as well as needing to start getting the Christmas savings going!

To help you along, we’ve come up with 15 budget-friendly activities to keep your family entertained this fall.

1. A Nature Walk

With the changing of seasons, comes a beautiful change of color. Take the family out for a scenic nature walk and collect Autumn leaves.

2. A Picnic with Music

Pack a picnic basket and enjoy some fresh fruit and sandwiches in a park. Accompany your picnic with music by using bluetooth speakers, make sure it's fully charged before heading out.

The kids can play, giving you a chance to have a bit of a break and get some fresh air too.

3. Pumpkin Patch

It’s that time of year – time to pick out a pumpkin! It’s also a great opportunity to take your fall family pictures together at the pumpkin patch too. Try finding one with a corn maze, adding even more fun to the trip.

4. Carve Jack-o’-Lanterns

A follow-on activity to the previous one, would be carving out your pumpkins. When you’re done carving, be sure not to toss out the contents as there are plenty of recipes roast pumpkin seeds available!

5. Pumpkin Treats

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice-cream, pumpkin muffins – there’s a whole list of various pumpkin flavored recipes to enjoy.

Get in the kitchen and bake with your family! Baking as a family is a wonderful bonding (and learning) experience.

6. Visit an Apple Orchard

Loved the pumpkin patch? How about visiting an apple orchard too! Many farms sell bushels of apples and some even let you pick your own! Use these to make a delicious apple cobbler – a tasty full-day activity!

7. Local Festivals and Markets

Check out family-friendly events happening in your city and enjoy a full day outing with the whole family. There are plenty of local markets and festivals around this time of year so you’re sure to find something!

8. Watch a Football Game

Fall is Football Season! Whether it’s a local high school, college or a professional game – you’re sure to have a great time. See who’s playing, where and get out there!

Tailgate parties are great fun, best get a sitter and leave the kids at home for this one though.

9. Halloween Movie Night

Check out Netflix around Halloween, there are plenty of family-friendly animations available. Grab some popcorn, mix up some hot chocolate and enjoy this relaxed-but-fun indoor family activity!

10. Visit a Haunted House

If you’re a family that enjoys spooky Halloween activities, you’ll enjoy this one for sure!

11. Craft Halloween Costumes

With Pinterest on hand, there are so many thorough DIY tutorials on making your own Halloween costumes.

Get the kids involved, teach them a few things about sewing and crafting while making their Halloween costumes as well.

12. Make Holiday Cards

A great activity for the whole family. Kids really enjoy making holiday cards and you’ll have them ready well in advance.

13. Custom Christmas Wrapping Paper

This is something I personally love! Skip the store bought, generic Christmas wrapping and buy a large roll of plain brown craft paper instead. Set out finger paints, glitter, stamps, and various other crafts for the kids to decorate the paper and use this to wrap your gifts up with.

You could also step it back and keep it simple by only doing paint!

14. Make a Christmas Wish List

While you’re making the holiday cards and Christmas wrapping paper – you might as well do Christmas wish lists too. Have your family fill out a 'wish list questionnaire' with all of their favourite things like movies, candies, places, etc. Let them list their dislikes too.

Wish lists are a great opportunity for you to learn your families’ interests.

15. Decorate

Haul out that bin of fall decorations buried deep inside your garage or basement and get the whole kids involved in decorating for Fall. Make a few new, temporary decorations by collecting some autumn leaves and making some imprint art.


Remember to have fun and try your utmost best to keep yourself from getting too busy and missing out on all the excitement.

Enjoy the happy family bonding!